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Czech markets  |  September 14, 2010 08:28:40

Dower-D: CEZ - is its greatest enemy of the majority shareholder?

CEZ, Chart 1, has recently been stagnating or declining. Why? It has a strong, external competitor? No. Enemy is more at home in its largest shareholder, ie the state. After all, why are such that 50% of its target range in prices. Upper limits indicate where the CEZ could get if he does not complicate the life of the state, bottom, how far it can become their "no-energy policy" squelch.

Figure 1, CEZ, OS and MACD Bollingerova zone to 9.13 - Click to enlarge

On the subject of CEZ, respectively. electricity prices to increase next year by up to 25% already killed many words, but, otherwise, itspeaking not essential. (1) That is, 5 to 8% to 25% of the increase in electricity prices is at the expense of photovoltaics in the sense that if clouds obscure the sun, must replace the loss of "emergency" classic about power and the remaining 17 to 20% is spent on payment of state gift to those "investors" who become "spent" price advantage of solar energy. Of course, it will pay ordinary subscribers. Just that they must somehow "wisely and scientifically" explain. The more foreign and English words, the better. Little wonder, then, when he moved to anger CEZ. Cry properly, but in the wrong grave, he wants to say.

CEZ, however, blames the "responsibility" for the price of electricity, but where everything is. Example. Price advantage in pursuit of foreign solar power companytravel abroad. If, however, operates / will operate CEZ, stay home. So trying to CEZ must if you pay money to stay at home. However, he's accused of is said to be greedy. A beautiful example of enthusiastic naivety of those who in CEZ sees a devil!

And on. All excited, but mainly low-informed, who rail against profits of CEZ completely unaware that pushes its criminal management direction - namely, that nespravoval property with due care. The task is to pull the CEZ to become hot chestnuts from the fire, but take care to increase profits and economic management and distribution assets of its shareholders. Enthusiastic but naive fighters against profits CEZ probably know that even the smallest retail investor may bring an action on the management CEZ, asmanage the property as a good landlord.

In the same category - and we know that is not popular now what we write! - Is the "free electricity" for washed villages and households. It is a beautiful and seemingly humane gesture, but it cheats the shareholders lose their money from their pockets, to put CEZ shares. We are, of course, help to flooded, but care must be made, yet manages money for our public affairs, not the company, although it has a majority. Sumasumárum: we have it with capitalism in the minds of a little misguided, is not it?

And to add to what is currently trading?

Monday maybe, finally, brought about a change in the stock markets. Dual character. (1) The content side of things "covers" the recovery in Europe, which appears to be stronger than even a few days. (2) emotional side of things "covers" in particular psyche of investors. It will definitely this week at the center of attention. A sort of "next" of these two major global signals will become more and (3) search for the Czech energy concept in the context of the threat of a significant increase in electricity prices or the introduction of energy taxes, see introductory text. However, in all around, on the domestic stock market dominated by moderate optimism. We believe that the market will last.

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DOWER-D: ČEZ - je jeho největším nepřítelem majoritní akcionář?

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