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Responsive OVB Bank and Golden Crown: Results are in agreement (15 September 2010)

The two most successful banks in the Golden Crown project, GE Money Bank and Raiffeisenbank became independent of the results of the most successful banks and project evaluation rating OVB Responsive client bank. The reason for this agreement of both objectivity and quality assessment or coincidence?


Another system, another subject, another project, but the same results

Responsive Evaluation OVB Bank for the first quarter, when the bank became the friendliest Raiffeisenbank, was declared more than three months before the announcement of the Golden Crown. Announcement of the friendliest bank in the second quarter took place just a month after the publication of Gold Crown. It is obvious that the results of both projects from banks, respectively. their products was carried out independently.

Another fact is that the Golden Crown project relates exclusively to products of banks and other financial institutions, while project Responsive OVB Bank assesses the bank directly, not just their products but also measures and other steps that the bank took place in the quarter, along with the image banks, etc. The ability to communicate it is interesting intersection and relative consensus in the independent evaluation of both projects.


A pair of banks with the cards in a sleeve

In the first quarter of 2010 first became the friendliest bank Raiffeisenbank, which received the highest rating of banks controlled 65.1%. In the second quarter of 2010, the friendliest bank in the position to replace GE Money Bank is 66.1%, which was in the second quarter to see very well, came up with interesting new products and measures on accommodating clients.

We compared the results of OVB Colliding bank in each quarter with the results of Golden Crown Project, which assesses the financial products not only banks but also other financial institutions. When comparing results it is clear that the results of client evaluation rating Responsive OVB Bank and banks in evaluating products Golden Crown Project are overwhelmingly consistent. This largely confirms the objectivity, professionalism and well-adjusted system of evaluation of both projects.

The Golden Crown Project with its products have become the most successful banks masterfully GE Money Bank and Raiffeisenbank, which picked up prices in the largest number of categories of the competition.


GE Money: How to evaluate the Golden Crown

Recall that the highest value reached with GE Money products:

-           Internet Banking - the highest award in the category from the public

-           Consolidation loans - the highest award in the category of loans

In addition, GE Money Bank won third place in their productGenius Business Active Account in the price category of entrepreneurs

Third place with a product with a credit card loyalty program in the category of + bene Cards


GE Money: How Responsive evaluate OVB Bank

In the second quarter, GE Money Bank has become a record-high 66.1 percent rating friendliest bank in the evaluation of client rating Responsive OVB Bank.


Raiffeisenbank: How to evaluate the Golden Crown

Raiffeisenbank has achieved the highest rating in the Golden Crown Project with the following products:

-           eKonto - top direct banking - the highest award in the category of electronic banking

-           Business eKonto Premium - the highest award in the category of business accounts

-           Fast Business Loan - the highest award in the category Business Loans

Raiffeisenbank also won third place in its product category eKonto Accounts

second place with a productSpecialized in the category of variable mortgage Mortgages

third installment of the product Low - consolidation loans in the category of Loans


Raiffeisenbank: How Responsive evaluate OVB Bank

In the first quarter to become the friendliest bank Raiffeisenbank when received ratings of 65.1 percent.

The consensus in the results of both projects shows that the product offering bank and its quality is largely reflected in the bank's other activities, such as communication product, its promotion and related bank's image and its approach and responsiveness to clients.


The quality and objectivity of ratings is increasing

Comparison of results of projects and the Gold Crown Colliding OVB Bank confirms that different projects conceived with a different rating system can produce comparable results and therefore the higher the credibility of these results. It is very positive that there is a wide range of projects evaluating banks constantly in terms of quality and professionalism evaluation system improve its evaluation.If subsequently the independent contest and polls agree in their results, as is the case with the Golden Crown and OVB Colliding banks, then one can only appreciate the quality and presentation of objective evaluation by those projects.  


What is a Gold Crown Bank and OVB Responsive

Since March 2010, the public, banks and professionals regularly monitor the quarterly results from banks Responsive OVB Bank. New, unique, continuous evaluation of banks raised   a different rating system than other   projects from banks. While the vast majority of other projects   announced once a year with more or less transparent rules, a new project monitors and evaluates the actions of banks on a regular basis, continuously over time and in terms of the evaluation system is of a client bank rating. What is particularly different, but that does not turn primarily, but also can be seen from all banks, not the first three, as is usually the other polls.This increases the demand for objectivity and openness of the system evaluation.

Golden Crown has been operating for 8 years. In June this year and was held for the eighth year of this competition. The gala evening was the awarding ceremony of this year's Golden Crown. The competition has traditionally been awarded three major prizes - New Year, Price Price entrepreneurs and the public - and handed awards to the best products in 15 categories in total.


Results Responsive OVB Bank, see:



Results Golden Crown can be found here:

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