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General Meeting  |  September 16, 2010 10:05:00

Official information: General Meeting UNILES, Inc. (September 16, 2010)

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UNILES, Inc., headquartered Jiříkovská 832/16, Rumburk, ID 47307706

The Board of Directors


based in Rumburg, Jiříkovská   832/16, Postal Code 408 01,

  ID No. 47307706, registered in the commercial. Register at the Regional Court in Usti nad Labem, Section B, File 340,

convened in accordance with § 181 (1) of the Commercial Code as in force at the request of shareholders


Extraordinary General Meeting

to be held on 8 October 2010 10:00 am

Rules in the lounge UNILES firms, as in Rumburg, Jiříkovská 558/24.



First   Checking the eligibility of quorum, approval of the participation of guests at the General Meeting.

Second   Election of the President of the General Assembly, clerk, minutes verifiers and two persons to count    


Third   Decision to change the form of shares.

4th   The decision to change the statutes.


The effective dateto attend the general meeting is   Day 1 October 2010.

Registration of shareholders will be held from 9:00 h to 10:00 h in place of the meeting. Each shareholder is required upon arrival at the general meeting to show a valid identity card or passport. Each shareholder is obliged to sign the attendance list of shareholders. List of shareholders' register is replaced by book-entry securities issued by the central depository or person authorized to keep records linked to the central register of securities maintained by the Central Depository as of the day.Any shareholder may attend the General Meeting through a representative by written power of attorney. The representative of the shareholders is required before the general meeting at the registration to submit a written power of attorney signed by the shareholder represented. Signature of shareholders represented on this power of attorney must be officially verified. The representative is also required to show your valid ID card or passport is required to sign the attendance list of shareholders. A legal entity as a shareholder to attend the General Meeting through a statutory body or through a representative by written power of attorney. This authorization shall be granted only for just a single meeting. For this agent, the provisions of the preceding paragraph, with the full power of the shareholders signed by the statutory authority designated to sign a legal person.Along with the power of attorney is obliged to deliver shareholder representative and valid certificate of incorporation of the legal person, which is given statutory authority and process for signing a legal person. Costs associated with attending the meeting are paid by the shareholder.

Changing the rules:

The Board of Directors proposes to amend the existing form of shares of bearer shares to new shares. In this

context, the proposed changes to the statutes. As major changes are the following:

  The new wording   Article 10, paragraph 2 Convening the General Meeting:

  The Board shall publish an invitation to the General Meeting so that it sends to all shareholders at the registered address or   

residence indicated in the list of shareholders at least 30 days before the meeting.

  In Article 10, paragraph 3 and paragraph 4:

  The word "notice" in both paragraphs is replaced by "invitation".

  The new wording of Article 37 Notification:

  Deleted the second sentence of the first paragraph: Notice of Annual General Meeting shall also be published in the online diary, in his demise in Hospodářské.

Suggestionsof the above agenda for shareholders from the date of publication of this notice kept available for inspection at the company headquarters, and on weekdays from 8:00 h to 14:00 h A shareholder has the right to request a copy of the draft articles sent to your cost and danger.


UNILES Board of Directors, as

Oficiální sdělení: Valná hromada UNILES, a.s. (16.9.2010)

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