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Knapp: Not everything we do must have its measurable results

Michael Knapp, Chairman and CEO of OVB Allfinanz partnership with Golden Crown Bank and OVB helpful

OVB and the Golden Crown is already relatively strong bond. Yet - why did you decide to go into such long-term partnership?

In particular, the decision was easy. When we decided several years ago to become a long-term general partner of the Golden Crown, we believed that it still has and will strengthen its position in the market. It has been confirmed. Golden Crown now goes beyond mere appreciation, became a recognized indicator of quality, ordinary consumers to help better understand the products they market.It is a respected source of professional information, from which derive both experts and the media, but which is also an important factor for many ordinary consumers. There is no better evidence of the importance and necessity of the Golden Crown, than is its wide využívanost. The alliance is not in this case only logical. Our partnership symbolizes the connection with the best financial advice, financial products on the Czech market. Just as this project is also helping OVB Allfinanz, the public around the world of finance. Golden Crown Impact Award while going right and especially towards consumers, their pressure on the quality financial products is its golden crown may significantly affect the real market with their offerings.Also International Financial Forum Gold Crown became a discussion platform for top economists and increase its uniqueness and significance of this award.

This year, OVB has become the general partner of another project, Colliding OVB Bank.

Our commitment to clients is to be well prepared, have the knowledge and skills on which we can build a qualified financial plan. This is possible to use different sources. Yet those input data is never enough. Beyond technical aspects, because there are other, sometimes quite explicitly not to measure or calculate.It is also necessary that the general public understand the importance of understanding basic financial concepts and was also able to make your own opinion on what is good and what is less good. One of the means to consumers of financial products trigger a proactive interest in the projects are as Responsive OVB Bank. Úkolem OVB is because, among other things to work on continuous public awareness about the problems of finance and financial products. This just helps OVB - people who want to vote, it must obtain at least a basic knowledge of the market. Must proactively take some time to be able to vote. And that brings us to another benefit of the project from banks Colliding OVB Bank.OVB Responsive purpose of the project is not just a bank rating of banks themselves, but also bring interesting news, educational information, comparison, tutorials, interviews and other interesting information from the world of banking and finance. We can say that at one point so the client can not only educate, inform and entertain, but can only newly acquired information, but also real world experience to use almost immediately to qualified valuation of banks. Services to clients and the general public, so bring through these projects.

Banking education in the Czech Republic is still an upward trend, paradoxically, it greatly helped the crisis, as clients became more interested in what kind of product actually have and how the bank operates. Yet it is still much work ahead.This is also why OVB Bank merged with friendly because the company is actively involved in the process of financial education. Educated client creates pressure, which leads to improvement. It goes across the market, including the bank. It is not necessary that everyone was trained economist, but to improve the basic economic education in the Czech society certainly help improve the overall quality of services offered, and thus the approach of banks to their clients. Banks should inform clients of the state certainly should - because they are the ideal clients. Educated client requires sophisticated service usually bank on which the client can also earn more. So clear symbiosis. OVB Responsive bank is then a great way towards that goal.

Well, we can say that the concentration of these projects and will bring any measurable results?

Not everything in this world must be measurable or somehow otherwise materialized. If you ask for it, whether such alliances OVB to make money, then certainly not directly. Golden Crown, OVB Responsive Bank and their support for us are part of social responsibility, which we endorse. Initiates and supports activities leading to the cultivation of the financial market, financial literacy or only for the good things and because we truly believe that is correct. Corporate social responsibility can not be a means to anything - but it may be a means to our future development.Why Gold Crown Bank and OVB Responsive? Because they help educate our clients. Even our potential clients. And actually people in general. This is a value that is for us in these important projects. And that is the main value that we obtain from our alliance. The name of our company is due to media coverage of these projects also see that what is logical and good outcome of our partnership. Definitely do not do it but because we have the financial means to acquire the partnership, which probably was the subject of your questions.

If we were talking about measurable aspects of the partnership, then we must ask whether the projects achieve the targets they have set for ourselves. I must say that these projects meet the objectives both exceedingly well. We can certainly measure the growing media interest in the results of these projects, a growing use of information and knowledge, which brings these projects from the public and the professional and the public. So we can record high-quality output thanks to the ever-increasing public interest in these projects and their results, which again is measurable quantity having a growing trend I am very pleased.

They have in your view, the general partner projects Golden Crown Bank and OVB Responsive some connection? It is a completely separate, separate projects, or projects they have similar or common elements?

Each of the projects, while engaged in other segments and for that reason, projects very well.While the main subject of the Golden Crown, the products of banks and other financial institutions, subject to evaluation rating OVB Responsive client's bank rating of banks as such, not only from the product point of view but also from the viewpoint of image banks, bank's ability to communicate, access to clients, the complexity of the service view end retail consumer and other aspects. It is the evaluation of specific products and services to banks, which mainly deals with the Golden Crown is one of the most important part of the assessment Colliding OVB Bank. Judges but also the public can use the evaluation results including product reviews golden crown like a very appropriate and relevant basis for its assessment of the banks.

The logical connections linking the two projects and we are trying to achieve higher output quality and therefore better quality and comprehensive education clients. In addition, I am very pleased that the results of both projects are increasingly using their work and professional institutions and is fully respected and the bank itself. Just for the bank became the outcomes of the Golden Crown Bank and OVB Colliding very interesting indicator and feedback to evaluate their past actions and measures for their correction and budoucna.Usuzuji to and from the fact that some banks have used the evaluation OVB Colliding banks in their marketing roads.

An important part of the Golden Crown and the International Forum Gold Crown. OVB this year became the general partner of the International Financial Forum for the second time. Why have you now decided to make a forum that will be pension reform?

Long-term fiscal unsustainability due to an aging population and increases in life expectancy up to 88 years is more than a threat to the existing pension system.Decline in real incomes of the future is self-evident and thus the need for pension reform with mandatory funded second pillar has become a necessity. Regardless of the form of pension reform is the need to think about financial stability in old age. When we talk about pension reform as a phenomenon, which affects affects the economic operation of citizens in the pre-retirement phase of economic activity, then one can say that millions of citizens will need a pension reform in detail or explain its implications and possibilities, not everybody is in this direction financially literate enough to understand everything within the context of their economic situation, only based on information from the media. An important task of the financial adviser will explain in this context the importance of this step, fellow citizens and also provide financial advice to the client, although even though it is highly probablyState clearly defined product (at least as much to current knowledge), this product in its applicability see highly individualized. different investment horizon and investment risks related to each citizen (again reasoning based on the assumption of the existence of several investment strategies). I think it is undoubtedly a successful implementation, new product distribution within the planned pension reform will be introduced to the concept, which will be individualized to the needs of citizens in relation to investment risk and investment horizon eligibility, use current market distribution infrastructure regulated by the state and for the years of its existence, has proved its worth.

And I see our irreplaceable role. It touches on this forum of questions in which the OVB Allfinanz very involved because it is one of the practical ways that makes assumptions not only to exploit the market potential, but also to cultivate our market as a whole.

Well, but - it would not be good right now, in times of crisis, to focus their attention in another direction and direct funds to more business and its support?

It was at this time, in times of crisis, or perhaps even the lingering crisis, you need to pay attention to prevention. People more than ever, understand the need to obtain information about finance. About how the system works and how to lose it. Therefore, the promotion of each project is extremely important. For all of us is very important to invest not just money but also time, effort and ideas to our clients. Investment in the education of our clients is one of our most important aspects of our business. Whether directly or through support such as the Golden Crown, OVB Colliding project bank or financial education of pupils in primary schools.

Stop at last said - that the financial education of pupils in primary schools. That you introduced six months ago in Liberec. How is he doing since then?

It almost wants me to talk about him as our child and say that he was doing well, it is alive and kicking and growing beyond our expectations and growing. When we prepared the project, we knew that we are in an area that still is not treated, while educating our youngest is the most important. We did not, however, raises the interest. Gradually it will be given in life in other regions.

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Knapp: Ne vše, co děláme, musí mít své měřitelné výsledky

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