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Czech markets  |  October 06, 2010 16:46:51

Republic - the sum of 6.10 - A further increase liquidity, plus the PSE significantly, the market is looking forward to another flood of liquidity

The Prague Stock Exchange continued today in increasing trading volumes and a few days followed by a positive external developments. A key factor influencing the stock is now happening is speculation after yesterday's surprising steps of the Bank of Japan. The market is now increasingly believe that in order to prevent the uncertain economic recovery to similar steps also join other central banks around the world. The so-called. quantitative easing in a mass scale, by the spring of last year to stop the recession and deepening losses in the stock market financial crisis and then followed by significant growth in equity markets.
In light of these prospects to the market did not help too much either surprisingly negative news from the U.S. labor market.Perhaps she could even begin to apply in this context, however, somewhat perverse logic of functioning effectively in the sense that the messages will be worse in the next few days to appear, the greater the likelihood of further support from the central bank sees market. The first chance comes tomorrow, when the Bank Board will meet Bank of England.

Positive mood at home is now supported by the fact that it began to pay dividends for HC2, which is likely to also bring some free resources to reinvest in the PSE. Shares HC2 from this perspective at the moment are obviously interesting, because now the only significantly decreased. The influx of "dividend" money from HC2 probably helped to today's higher growth PMCR shares.

Very well today, led several titles, led by Erste and NWR. The former gained the title of yesterday's step BoJ. The influx of additional liquidity would have on a global scale is just support and especially the financial sector. To share this KB naplatilo but it probably because the KB itself is known to be very resistant to the problems surrounding the financial sector and thus it any further easing of liquidity available may not be interested.

NWR today reacted positively to news about companies trying to buy a significant stake in the controlling part of the emerging market of black coal in Poland. In the interim uncertainties regarding the execution of a particular market has paid more attention to the overall assessment of the project itself, which could, if successful, significantly strengthen the position of NWR in Central Europe with coal.Because the plan provides for one of the versions with the subscription of new shares in the future is a possible correction, if the subscription is under the current market price.

Daily comments:
Negative data, markets are growing further. Speculation ...
11.h - PSE has added 1.3%, the main driver is ..
8:00 - U.S.: Tuesday's strong rally today i add ..

Conclusion Exchange October 6, 2010 16:08SPAD details
Name Course Change Volume Yesterday
AAA 17.47    -0.29% 0.26million 17.52
CETV 442.70    2.08% 31.80 million 433.70
CEZ 827.80    0.95% 554.35million 820.00
ECM 135.78    -0.18% 0.14 million 136.03
ERSTE BANK GROUP 745.30    3.08% 483.53 million 723.00
KITD 206.00    2.49% 0.41 million 201.00
COMMERCIAL BANK 3943.00    -0.18% 90.98 million 3950.00
NWR 218.00    3.61% 265.83 million 210.40
ORCO 189.50    0.24% 0.09 million 189.05
PEGAS NONWOVENS 446.00    1.11% 8.50 million 441.10
PHILIP MORRIS CR 9199.00   3.13% 10.22 million 8920.00
TELEFÓNICA O2 CR 377.00    -1.62% 145.89 million 383.20
UNIPETROL 201.00   0.55% 36.01 million 199.90
VIG 987.00    1.86% 3.44 million 969.00
TOTAL    1631.44 million

Monetary developments describe messages:
Dollar full steam ahead, or place anything in the way.
The crown weakened slightly to 24.52 CZK / EUR (6.10
420 World Association of Banks: Just a new global ...

The main economic news and commentary
HC2 HC2: Today begins the payment of dividends for 2009
energetics CEZ canceled a tender for construction of gas ...
Fortuna Fortuna run numerical lottery in the CR
ECM We recall: ECM - will be held tomorrow deferred VH ...
ECM postponed the payment of interest on the bonds; is O. ..
NWR NWR wants to buy a Polish mine Bogdanka for 21 billion
Evaluation plan to buy NWR Polish Bogdanka
WSA: Demand for steel will record next year
Bank Whithey: Banks in Q3 do not offer anything interesting; ...
IMF warns about rising risks in the banking ...
crisis Hatzius (GS): I see two scenarios of U.S. GDP - ..
Fitch cut Ireland's credit rating
IOD calls on the Bank of England to extend the program ..
Steps RBA / BoJ seem to be only temporary ...
IMF: Financial risks the greatest threat to ...
Bair (FDIC): The bonds are formed bubble ..
Soros: German pressure on fiscal austerity can ..
macroeconomics U.S. - according to the ADP private sector unexpectedly fell ...
Industrial orders in Germany rose in August o.
Euro area GDP in the second quarter grew by 1.0 pct ..
Czechs this year registered a total of 125 753rd ..

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ČR - souhrn 6.10. - další zvýšení likvidity, BCPP výrazně v plusu, trh se těší na další záplavu likvidity

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