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CR - retail sales in August fell by 0.9%

Retail - August 2010

Seasonally adjusted sales fell in August in the automotive segment at constant prices increased by 0.9% and grew by 1.1%. Annual growth in sales, not seasonally adjusted by 2.8% owed ??mainly to the sale of motor vehicles and non-food goods. A partial effect was also one day a higher number of working days this year compared to August 2009.

Adjusted for seasonal, calendar and working day sales in the automotive segment in August at constant prices decreased by 0.9% yoyincreased by 1.1% (adjusted for working days only by 1.0%). Annual growth in sales, not seasonally adjusted by 2.8% owed mainly to the sale of motor vehicles and non-food product ranges which are to some extent depending on the number of working days. In August 2010 had one working day more than in August 2009. Sales of motor vehicles contributed 3.0 percentage points to growth, non-food goods by 0.9 pp, while the negative impact of - 1.5 percentage points came from the sale of automotive fuel (see Table 2).


Seasonally adjusted sales in sale and repair of motor vehicles (CZ-NACE 45) increased month-by 1.0% and by 9.0%. Seasonally adjusted sales increased year by 12.9%, of which the sale of motor vehicles by 14.0% and 7.3% of the repairs. The growth in sales at constant prices for a long time helps decrease the prices of motor vehicles (in August 8.2%). According to SAP this year was registered in August, fewer vehicles than it was before. The difference between this and the revenue growth is partly explained by the fact that wholesale sales include sales including exports, which in some enterprises in August increased significantly. Another difference lies in the structure of sales (sales at constant prices include any change in the structure of sales in favor of more expensive cars) and that the first registration, subject only to imported used vehicles, not vehicles that were previously registered in the CR.


In retail trade, including the sale of automotive fuel (NACE 47) seasonally adjusted sales droppedconstant prices increased by 1.7% and 2.0% year on year. seasonally adjusted sales decreased by 0.7%, driven by - 2.0 pp sale of automotive fuel (down 11.6%), while positive influence came from the sale of non-food goods (+1.2 pp, growth by 2.5%) and food (+0.1 percentage points, an increase of 0.3%).

In a more detailed breakdown of sales showed a growth especially over the Internet or through mail order houses (16.7%), textiles and footwear (9.4%), used goods (+9.1%), computer and communication equipment (8, 5%), products for culture and recreation (3.5%), in stalls and markets (0.8%) and non-specialized stores (0.7%). On the contrary, sales have fallen even more specialized enterprises selling food (4.6%), mixed assortment in stores, stalls or markets (+4.5%) and household products (+1.1%).

The price deflator for the same period the previous year was 100.5%. Significantly increased fuel prices (12.4%), significantly less then the prices of pharmaceutical and medical goods (1.1%). The biggest price decreases and communication equipment (-6.0%) and second-hand goods (+5.6%).

According to figures published by Eurostat in August 2010, seasonally adjusted retail sales (CZ-NACE 47) in the month-27 fell by 0.3% annually, adjusted for working days grew by 0.8%. The fastest growth occurred in Poland (6.7%), Finland (+5.5%) and Latvia (4.6%), while the largest decreases in Lithuania (6.9%), Spain (on 4.6%) and Bulgaria (4.3%).

Source: CSO
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