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Photovoltaic Association: increases in electricity prices caused by miscalculation Office

Czech Photovoltaic Industry Association will fight against electricity price increases through a constitutional complaint. ERO is spreading their misguided hysteria estimates of growth rates of electricity. "We consider them unreasonable and unjustifiably high. We see the only way and that is a constitutional complaint, which sought to prevent unnecessary price rises, "says Francis Smolka, president of the Czech Photovoltaic Industry Association.

If the estimate was wrong and ERO, reflect the real market situation, there is absolutely unnecessary price increases that consumers will feel the end. "That's what we want to avoid at all costs,"notes Francis Smolka. Unjustified price increases will damage not only consumers - households and businesses - but also because of photovoltaics, which will be wrongly identified as a producer price increase. "The false estimate they earn only large energy companies," said Smolka.

Estimates of the Office are incompetent and possibly zlobované

Office Estimates are based on the assumption that at the end of 2010, 1400 MWp installed output of photovoltaic power plants which allegedly lead to a price increase with the impact of 13% for households and 18% for companies. According to the analysis of the Czech Photovoltaic Industry Association, however,not possible for investors by the end of install and run a greater overall performance than 1200 MWp, which is also the current market trend is confirmed.

"We are consistently affirm that all renewable energy causes price rises from 7 to 8%, while photovoltaics itself only 5-6%.Our calculation differs from ERO about 200 to 400 MWp, which is a substantial difference and therefore estimate the ERO as sharp contradictions. Office in this respect is failing badly and it is good to ask if it is only a result of incompetent or access lobby large power companies, "said Smolka.

Significantly lower estimates of the increase in electricity prices is confirmed by some politicians. Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Kocourek (ODS) in yesterday's events, comments on CT24 growth estimated energy prices significantly below 10 percent: "... we are working with a number of households 5.4%, 7.2% for the industry ..." ( minute 19:17 to http://www.ct24.cz/ekonomika/103898-kalousek-drahou-elektrinu-budou-kompenzovat-povolenky/ )

ERO calculations are flawed and misguided

Czech Photovoltaic Industry Association analyzed the calculation of the ERO and found it utterly illogical and misleading practices in the calculations. Send in the attached file association analysis: the first two columns are the official figures ERO and the third column contains calculations of the association.

What is wrong? The total support for renewable energy sources (RES) to be dissolved in the total electricity consumption: In 2008, consumption was 60 TWh. In 2009 (the year a major crisis) consumption was 57 TWh. This year, the consumption was 29.8 TWh, about 1-6, and everything points back to 60 TWh. However, the Office used to calculate completely incomprehensible and totally misleading 54 TWh, "Smolka said.

ERO also unjustifiably counts with a total capacity of photovoltaic power plants at the end of 2010 of 1400 MWp. Market development shows that it is not exceeded   or 1200 MWp. "on 8 September 2010 was accompanied by a total of 818 MW. Last year, he joined this year, 410 MW and 350 MW (in months 1-9). Is it possible to join by the end of about 400MW, when banks lend to projects with connections to 20 October 2010 (maximum) when the total lack of inverters, panels and components for the transformer? "disputes the estimates of ERO Francis Smolka.

Post Office rose dramatically for other renewable sources. For small hydro power plants of 320 miles in 2009 1246 miles in 2011. "Where are the new power plant built? Nobody knows, "he asks Smolka. For wind power plants of 115 to 474 miles But this year, installed capacity increased by 15%. The biogas of 272 miles 2318 miles and biomass of 701 miles 1976 miles CZK in 2011. "These figures do not believe them at the moment and verify the associations concerned. Even though these numbers do not believe in our calculation is nerozporujeme, "said Smolka.

The emission allowances will be photovoltaics support only ten years

Czech Photovoltaic Industry Association with a proposal of the Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek clearly agrees:"It is correct and logical step that we advocate long-term. Non-renewable resources should support the principle of renewable energy. What else should be encouraged to clean sources of energy than the tax for environmental pollution - emission allowances? The photovoltaics will be supported in the short term, then become financially self-sufficient, "says Francis Smolka, president of the Czech Photovoltaic Industry Association.

In association with the production of electricity from the sun can become up to about ten years, totally self-sufficient and will not be encouraged. "Prices are falling rapidly, solar technologies and energy prices are rising contrary. By 2020 or even earlier, you do not need any support photovoltaics. It will be priced to compete with electricity from renewable resources in the long run will be much cheaper, "said association chief Franz Smolka.

Czech it in about ten years could receive eight percent of electricity from the sun, in a way and does not pollute the environment or strain energy network. As a result, could significantly decrease the price of electricity, from the current 4.50 cents per kilowatt to 3.40 crowns. "This is real development and not a utopia. It should photovoltaics but until then it is the support and money from emission allowances, "said Smolka.

CEZ is a blatant way advantage: since 2012, does not have to pay for emission allowances


While ordinary citizens since 2008 for the purchase of coal must pay environmental tax, the company CEZ coal combustion in thermal power plants such tax in the form of emission allowances do not apply. "This company is so long favored at the expense of ordinary people. CEZ does not have to pay for emission allowances from 2012. It is the abuse of dominant market position, "said Smolka.

CEZ, according to estimates of the association at the end of possessing more than 10 percent of photovoltaic projects is the biggest 'solar tsar "." If the government does not intervene, CEZ will acquire the largest share of support photovoltaics and also will have by 2012 or pay for emission allowances. It would be unconscionable advantage of the dominant players of the energy market at the expense of households and firms, "says Francis Smolka, president of the Czech Photovoltaic Industry Association.


Photovoltaic Association Code:

·          Promote the development of rooftop solar power plants to 30kWp (on single-family houses, businesses, etc.)

·          Long-term sustainable development of the sector, which corresponds to an annual increase of 100 MWp

·          Adequately motivating and stable investment conditions - at fifteen-year payback

·          Creating the conditions for a wider and safe use of renewable energy sources - traffic management, etc.

·          Reducing the administrative burden



Jan Hlavac, spokesman CZEPHO

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Fotovoltaická asociace: Zdražení elektřiny způsobily špatné kalkulace ERÚ

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