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DEPARTMENT OF STRIKE - Some officers may lose hundreds of dollars a month, results of calculations


PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - The changes in the Labour Code and some government regulations by the Government, some state employees to prepare for hundreds of dollars a month. This follows from calculations of the Agency unless otherwise indicated.

The government has changed its system of steps the staff, so the vast majority of them will no longer play the role of seniority, but rather their ability to agreement with the employer. Some employees can "fail" to a lower pay grade than they are now, and lose hundreds of dollars a month.

Cabinet approved the first amendment because the Labor Code, which allows the government regulation to determine the circle of employees whose salaries can be used to span between the first and last pay grade.This is a de facto extension of current practice, as this method of remuneration such as already exists in health care.

The employee's salary in the state or the public sphere is determined on the basis of several parameters, the first of which is grade. The catalog is based on occupation, which also has a form of government regulation. This document launched by the various professions and the degree of difficulty are divided into different grades, which is 16th in total

Another important point for the calculation of salary is salary grade. He is currently bound to a number of years. Is twelve degrees, the first is for new workers succeeding in the first year of employment. The last salary level is for those who stayed in one place 32 years or more. Inclusion in the step is still corrected personal circumstances of the staff, iematernity leave, previous experience in similar work, etc.

This practice was changed, because in addition to all teachers will have employees with salaries range between the first and last pay grade. It has individual employers free hand in determining the amount of wages. Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA) to step out from the other promises that it will be better to pay new employees with high qualifications, and decrease the salary of those who have a high salary just because they stayed in that position for decades. The difference between the first and last pay grade is on the order of thousands of crowns.

According to the grade and step the employee in the appropriate table to find your salary scale. There are three tables: for employees with decision-makers, researchers and health professionals, for educators and for others.According to the above data, then, finds its employee pay plan.

Salary rate is not the final amount that the employee will take, because under the Labour Code still has the opportunity for personal evaluation. It can climb to 50 percent salary rate, in exceptional cases up to 100 percent. According to statistics from the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (CMKOS) are state employees pay an average tariff of 70 percent and 30 percent of the remaining personal remuneration.

Another new feature is a contractual salaries, which could be arranged in the highest grades. On the table would have had no impact and the amount would only derive from an agreement between the employee and his employer.

The government of these steps also promises to fulfill its commitment to reduce payroll by ten percent, resulting from its policy statement. From the above it is clear that employees could even increase salaries, but in this case, individual employers have to resort to mass layoffs. Expected to be rather a combination of layoffs and pay cuts.

Trade unionists strictly reject all of the above described changes. Salaries range to break down the salary scale confidence and no employee can not therefore be entirely sure what next year will receive. The government originally proposed by the unions to determine the range of employees, which would be concerned with the range of salaries. Unions, however, rejected the proposal as a whole, so the government decided to rollout this measure.

Trade unions have therefore decided to join the strike, which convened on December 8. At the same time the strike will be held demonstrations in all major cities.

George Taborsky,

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