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START II - another nail in the coffin of Nuclear Madness (20.12.2010)


PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - The US-Russian agreement on nuclear disarmament, START II, ??signed in April at Prague Castle, President Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev, probably the most difficult obstacle to overcome - obtain the consent of the U.S. Senate.

Two influential Democrats - U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Richard Durbin, who is described as "deuce" among the senators of the Democratic Party - on Sunday announced that the contract has sufficient support in the Senate for it to be ratified.

There was only a support document for the Senate Democratic Party government. Republican opposition to the exceptions with the approval of wavered.

The Senate could vote on the document next week.

The contract has a hammer another nail in the coffin of a period which was called Mutual Assured Destruction date (mutually assured destruction), or its acronym MAD (crazy). During MAD Americans and Russians gathered so many weapons that could destroy the planet several times.

These are the basic data on the new treaty and the nuclear arsenal of both countries:

• The contract limits the number of nuclear warheads to 1,550 on each side. This ceiling is about one-third less than the limit in the first START treaty

• Treaty limits each country to 800 the total number of carriers (non-deployed and deployed) nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles, ballistic missiles launched from submarines and heavy bombers for nuclear weapons.

• Specifies the Americans and Russians deployed 700 pieces of ceiling boards.

• The contract does not restrict U.S. missile defense plans in Europe. The Russians, however, accompanied by any statement in which he announces that withdraws from the contract, if concluded, that the U.S. missile defense affects the strategic balance.

• The document allows for the arms control obligations. Inspections may be unannounced, but the contract does not imply that states will be able to establish permanent checkpoints in the selected objects, which allow an earlier agreement on strategic weapons.

• Commitments from the contract must meet the states within seven years from delivery of the ratification documents.

• The contract will be valid for ten years from delivery of instruments of ratification and denunciation can also be extended.

• The new document replaces the START 1 treaty, which expired last year, fifth December, and deletes the SORT treaty.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists • writes that Americans have now deployed 2,200 nuclear warheads (bombs), two Russians 790th Rockets (bombers) with these warheads are operational readiness, the operation waits for orders to launch.

• If the Americans and the Russians reduce nuclear arsenals in the range, as it assumes a new contract, they will still have enough nuclear ammo out to destroy the entire planet, even several times.

Paul Jégl,

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START II - další hřebík do rakve jaderného šílenství (20.12.2010)

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