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Announcement of the 9th year's Golden Crown

Tonight, the TOP HOTEL Praha officially announced the results of this year's Golden Crown. The competition will be traditionally awarded three major prizes - New Year, Price Price entrepreneurs and the public - and handed awards to the best products in 15 categories in total. Unprecedented interest in voting in the Golden Crown this year showed the public. The ninth and the number exceeded 144,101 voters all previous editions.


Competition Gold crown in nine years of existence built on the financial market unique and prestigious position. The results are always awaited with great interest. Competition is not only an incentive and stimulus for financial companies to offer their products constantly improving, but also fulfills an important role in financing public education, which learns from the results of which products on the market meet the highest standards of quality and user-friendly. The public is important to have some guidance on how the wide range of market orientation, and one of these guides is the Golden Crown.


"Financial literacy in the Czech Republic is moving at a very low level. This indeed resulted from a survey commissioned the Ministry of Finance to process together with the Czech National Bank. For this reason, I support any activity that aims at raising awareness of products and the situation on financial markets. This is the case competitions and forums golden crown, "he said in connection with this year, Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek, who compete over patronage.

This year was one of the best cast in the entire history. Competed in the 206 products from 77 financial companies. Last year, 206 products competed in 75 companies.Products evaluated the Financial Academy, which had 385 members this year. "Such a range of assessment and the number of independent experts is absolutely unique. A focus only on certain parts of the market, but it provides a robust and competent review of all its parts. Says little about and how this growing and powerful public interest really is about the public voting for the award in the Golden Crown, "says Pavel Dolezal, Director of the Golden Crown. Klufa Francis, Financial Arbiter of the CR and the Chairman of the Financial Academy, says:" As President of the Council financial academy I am delighted that the interest on the evaluation of products in the Golden Crown is growing from both financial academics, but also from the public. This year was a record in this regard. This gives the results of a high explanatory power and recognition. "

And now to the actual results of the ninth grade. In the main category this year, New Year, celebrated the success of liability insurance. Prevailed insurance NA100PRO with natural hazards insurance and accident insurance, accidental insurance Kooperativa. Second place went to current account Fio Fio banks free of charge and finished third in the first Insurance obligations without damage with a message via smartphone application Czech insurance company.

In the category of Accountsnewbie succeed in the market with his bank Fio Fio current account free of charge, which moved from last to second place in the first savings account ING ING Bank Account. Third place went eKonto Raiffeisenbank. eKonto is also already happened several times outright winner in the category of electronic banking. The second position went to InternetBanka GE Money Bank and third place goes to an Internet banking mBank.

His last victory in the category of Mortgages Mortgage repeated revolutionary UniCredit Bank. Classic Mortgage Offset Raiffeisenbank finished second and third place went to another product UniCredit Mortgage Bank FLEXI. In the category of SavingBuilding Society won this time with a child Wüstenrot building saving + friend, won second place attractive loan Moravian 3.7% pa and building societies as the third placed Raiffeisen low hyposplátkou.

In the category this year also won Loans Consolidation loans from GE Money Bank, CSOB won second place in the green housing loan and the third is a quick loan Raiffeisenbank. Payment card category carries a Gold Crown card again AXA, the first card that saving for retirement, second place this year went to Smart Card Czech Savings Bank and a third credit card MoneyCard Plus loyalty program bene + GE Money Bank.

In the category of pension scheme was repeated last year's victory Allianz pension with a yield of 3%, the second is the Pension Insurance Fund of the Czech Savings Bank Pension and third place belongs pension insurance Generali Pension Fund. In the category of Mutual Funds experts most of all the Invest Horizon mutual fund that belongs to portfolio Conseq Investment Management, finished in second place INVEST CP Gold Fund and the third place RentiérInvest Pioneer Fund. In the category LeasingThis year he took victory Optimal car leasing company with flexible services CSOB Leasing, which occupied the second place with financing products to service VIP claims settlement. Third place belongs to Raiffeisen Leasing for CLICK - car finance online.

In the category of Life Insurance, one of the most traditionally occupied in the Golden Crown, won last year as well as Life Insurance Flexi Insurance Czech Savings Bank. In second place is again PERSPECTIVE 7 BN Kooperativa insurance company ended the third Term life insurance dividend UNIQA. In the category of Non-life insurancewon Kooperativa insurance company new to the market with the compulsory liability NA100PRO, the other two sites occupied with Allianz Allianz travel insurance with unlimited limit and property insurance with Allianz Home Asistance service.

In the categories of products for retail customers to enforce this particular products with high added value for the customer, whether in the form of premium income, bonuses or offers a wide range of services. This trend will likely continue, especially with increasing competition in the market in the coming years. "At present, the Czech financial market offered by hundreds of financial products and their independent evaluation over time becomes an integral part of decision-making clients. Based on the record numbers from this year's Golden Crown is clear that this platform is becoming increasingly important not only professional, but also the general public. For the organizers of the bar is set high enough, however, is not impossible that the next 10th anniversary year was again a record year, "says noted economist Michal Mejstrik, who is also a member of the Financial Academy Golden Crown competition.

An important part of the Golden Crown is evaluating products for small and medium entrepreneurs. Products for business are not usually the center of such interest, what they deserve. Their promote greater awareness in the general competition with the Golden Crown and trying not alone in this respect. "With the position and role of the Economic Chamber, which represents a substantial part of the Czech business community from the smallest sole traders to large industrial companies, we have very good information and an idea of what entrepreneurs need financial products and require them or what the Czech market yet missing. Entrepreneurs need is quick access to financial resources, availability and reliability of the financial institutions and financing on acceptable terms, including a reasonable amount of interest and fees.I am glad that this knowledge and experience of the Economic Chamber may apply as a senior partner of the Golden Crown and a way to contribute to the improvement of the domestic market for financial products, "says Petr Kuzel, president of the Chamber of Commerce.

Let's look closer at this year's results. In the category of business accounts this newcomer on the market pushed the bank Fio. Golden Crown acquired the Fio current account free of charge - a business. The second is a Premium Business eKonto Raiffeisenbank and third mBusiness mBank Account. In the category of loans Podnikateskéthe most successful fast Business Loan Investment loan from Raiffeisenbank 5 PLUS loan and the Czech Savings Bank TopRevit Wüstenrot mortgage bank. The best insurance for businesses, according to experts offer Kooperativa. Once again, comprehensive insurance and Kooperativa TREND won a third place for insurance for small businesses and entrepreneurs Start Plus. Second place goes to legal expenses insurance for a private physician, pharmacist, veterinarian and DAS legal expenses insurance. In the category Leasing business was successful for the company CSOB Leasing. The jury took many opportunities offered by the product of CSOB Autolease - Fleet product and gave him a golden crown.Second place belongs to the product ALD Automotive full service leasing - All Inclusive Option and the third ended by HERTZ LEASE - Archer Sheridan Premierlease product with the 2011th

This year was declared price of entrepreneurs, to be decided by public vote. This year the most votes in the online banks have succeeded. First place went to his mBank mBusiness Konto, won second place savings account for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities of GE Money Bank and third place belongs to the Czech insurance company for insurance GUARANTEE.

In the year won the Prize of the public Internet Banking Internet Bank GE Money Bank, the second is mKonto mBank and third low hyposplátka Raiffeisen building society. The number of votes 144 101 participants this year exceeded all previous years. Participated in the vote last year 143 900 people, 126 000 people the year before. Every year increases the number of products for which people vote. This year it was 717 products, last year 698, 615th the year before

"The complexity and interaction of individual components of the project is from the Golden Crown important element in the financial segment služeb.Oceňujeme not only added value to the Golden Crown brings to consumers in the contest as a navigator in a kind of financial products, but also the fact that it creates an opportunity for meeting professionals from the Czech Republic and abroad. Golden Crown on the one hand helps to increase financial literacy and interest in client orientation in the areas of finance, on the other hand, produces and promotes discussion and exchange of views in Czech society. These are core values ??for OVB for the project that you appreciate and for which we support him, "said Michael Knapp, Chairman of the Board of OVB Allfinanz, a representative of the general partner of the Golden Crown.

All awarded products including a brief description, and all parameters are available to interested parties on a server www.zlatakoruna.info . This site is the largest specialized server financial products. There is located nearly 700 products from all available in the market. Visitors have the opportunity to compare different products and some of them through online sales buy directly.

Results Golden Crown 2011

Main Category

New year

First Insurance NA100PRO with natural hazards insurance and accident insurance, accidental / Kooperativa insurance company, as, Vienna Insurance Group

Second Fio current account free of charge - business / Fio banka

Third First Without the insurance obligation for damage with a message via smartphone application / Czech Insurance Company

Public Award


First Internet Banking/ GE Money Bank, as

Second mKONTO - a personal account / mBank - BRE Bank SA branch business

Third Low hyposplátka / Raiffeisen, Inc.


Price entrepreneurs

First mBUSINESS ACCOUNT / mBank - BRE Bank SA branch business

Second Savings account for individual entrepreneurs and legal persons / GE Money Bank, as

Third SECURITY/ Czech Insurance Company

Category A-Products for retail customers



First Fio Current account with no fees / Fio Bank a.s.

Second Account Savings Account ING / ING Bank NV, Prague Branch

Third eKonto - Account for which you will pay / Raiffeisenbank as


Electronic Banking


First eKonto - top direct banking/ Raiffeisenbank as

Second Internet Banking / GE Money Bank, as

Third Internet banking mBank / mBank - BRE Bank SA branch business


Building Savings


First Wüstenrot Friend + / Wüstenrot - Building Society, Inc.

Second Attractive loan 3.7% pa / Moravian Building Society, Inc.

Third Low hyposplátka / Raiffeisen, Inc.



First Revolutionary Mortgage / UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, as

Second Classic Offset Mortgage - mortgage credit to savings / Raiffeisenbank as

Third Flexi Mortgage / UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, as




First CONSOLIDATION LOANS - a unique offer on the Czech banking market / GE Money Bank, as

Second CSOB Loan for green living / CSOB, as

Third Quick Loan / Raiffeisenbank as


Credit cards

First AXA Credit Card - The first card that you save for retirement or insurance/ AXA Czech Republic, sro

Second Smart card / Czech Savings Bank, Inc.

Third MoneyCard Plus loyalty program bene + / GE Money Bank, as

Life Insurance

First FLEXI life insurance (with the program Inspiral) / Insurance Czech Savings Bank, as, Vienna Insurance Group

Second PERSPECTIVE 7 BN / Kooperativa insurance company, as, Vienna Insurance Group

Third Term life insurance dividend/ UNIQA, Inc.

Non-life insurance

First Insurance NA100PRO with natural hazards insurance and accident insurance, accidental / Kooperativa insurance company, as, Vienna Insurance Group

Second Allianz Travel Insurance with a limit unlimited / Allianz and

Third Allianz Insurance Property Services Home Assistance - household insurance / Allianz and

Pension Insurance

First Allianz pension with a yield of 3% / Allianz pension fund, as

Second Providing for retirement at the Pension Fund of the Czech Savings Bank / Pension Fund of the Czech Savings Bank, Inc.

Third Supplementary Pension Insurance with State Contribution / Generali Pension Fund, as

Mutual Funds

First Invest Horizon / Conseq Investment Management, Inc.

Second INVEST CP - Golden Collection / společnost, as

Third Rentier Invest - Smart Portfolio for Life / Pioneer Asset Management, Inc.


First Optimal leasing services with flexible / CSOB Leasing

Second Financing of the VIP service claims handling / CSOB Leasing

Third CLICK - FINANCING OF VEHICLES ON-LINE / Raiffeisen - Leasing, Ltd.

Category B - Products for SMEs

Business accounts

First Fio current account free of charge - business / Fio banka

Second Business eKonto Premium / Raiffeisenbank as

Third mBUSINESS ACCOUNT / mBank - BRE Bank SA branch business

Business loans

First Business Fast Loan / Raiffeisenbank as

Second Investment 5 PLUS / Czech Savings Bank, Inc.

Third TopRevit / Wüstenrot mortgage bank, as

Insurance for Businesses

First TREND / Kooperativa insurance company, as, Vienna Insurance Group

Second Insurance of legal protection for private physicians, medical practice, pharmacist, veterinarian and / DAS legal expenses insurance, as

Third START PLUS / Kooperativa insurance company, as, Vienna Insurance Group

Leasing for Businesses

First CSOB Autolease - Fleet product/ CSOB Leasing, Inc.

Second Full-service leasing - ALL INCLUSIVE option / ALD Automotive, Ltd.

Third PREMIERLEASE 2011 - Hertz Lease Full Service Leasing / HERTZ LEASE - Archer Sheridan sro

Contact for journalists:

Jaroslav Broz

E-mail: broz@zlatakoruna.info

Mobile: 602 213 425




The Golden Crown


Golden Crown Competition awards the best financial products on the Czech market. In 2011 will be held for the ninth year. Since the beginning of the competition in 2003, she attended all the major banks, insurance, leasing, investment and other financial companies. In the 9thyear competed in 77 financial companies with 206 products.

The best products in 15 categories selected Financial Academy, composed of nearly 390 financial experts. In addition, given the price of New Year. The evaluation results in the Golden Crown easier to help the public navigate the menu of financial products, will encourage citizens to become more interested in the properties of individual products and offers a better understanding of financial companies.

An important part of the Gold Crown Award voting public, the most popular financial products to choose public over the Internet and SMS messages. Since 2008, extended the vote to award entrepreneurs, which are valued at the best financial products for small and medium entrepreneurs. The public vote in 2011 involved a record number of over 144 000 participants.

Golden Crown with its focus contributes to a healthy competition encourages the development of new products and helps the public better and higher orientation of financial literacy.

For more information about the contest can be found at the Golden Crown www.zlatakoruna.info.


Partners Gold Crown competition in 2011


General partner: OVB Allfinanz,


Partners: Czech Credit Bureau, CK Fischer, World Class, TOP HOTELS GROUP, Ipsos, University of Finance and Administration, Development Trest, GMF Aquapark Prague, ISCARE IVF, Piper Heidsieck, Rémy Martin, Czech Television, CT24


Major media partners: MF DNES, iDNES, Czech Radio 1 - Advice, Czech Radio - Czech Radio


Media Partners: Kurzy.cz, Finance.cz, Firemnifinance.cz, NEWTON Media


Professional partners:Financial Arbiter of the CR, the Association of Financial Intermediaries and Financial Advisors, the Union by financial intermediation and advice, the Association of Pension Funds, the Association of Mortgage Brokers CR Bank Client Information Register, Non-Client Information Register, the Association of Capital Market Association, the Association of Czech Insurance Brokers, Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Crafts CZ, Czech Chamber of Commerce, CFO Club


The organizer of the competition: pdMEDIA Ltd.

General partner, OVB Allfinanz, Inc., is a leading financial consultancy company, operating on the Czech market since 1993 and Germany is a subsidiary of OVB Holding AG. Currently, CR has nearly 960 000 clients and manages more than 2 million contracts.Clients are available nationwide network of qualified consultants - insurance and investment intermediaries. OVB Holding Parent company of the German Cologne was founded in 1970 based on the idea of ??private clients to provide comprehensive, individual and complex property and financial advice. Currently operates through subsidiaries in 13 European countries.

OVB Group, with its holding company headquartered in Cologne is one of Europe's leading providers of financial services.Since the founding of OVB Corp AG in Germany in 1970, OVB focuses its business on customer-oriented consulting for private households in the area of ??asset protection, building and property, pension provision and real estate acquisition. OVB currently advises about Europe 2.8 miles . customers and partners with over 100 renowned product partners. OVB is presently active in 14 countries, while working for the Group around 4,600 financial advisors full time. In 2010, OVB Holding AG, which is from July 2006 listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard, ISIN DE0006286560) with its subsidiaries generated total sales commission of 197.3 miles . The euro and EBIT of 4.8 miles . Euro.

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