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Minister Vondra has to leave the government, parliamentarians nodded, the proposal failed to appeal premiere (June 17, 2011)


PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Prime Minister Petr Necas (ODS) to the case should give the president ProMoPro proposal to withdraw the defense minister Alexandr Vondra (ODS) from the government, resolved on Thursday at the initiative of members of the CSSD. Communist Party proposal to resign himself Necas and with it the entire government, the House votes by Mayor TOP 09 and failed.

CSSD chairman Bohuslav Sobotka loaded when considering an emergency meeting of the Lower House resolution as amended: "The Chamber of Deputies calls on the Prime Minister Petr Necas, designed to appeal to President of the Republic, Alexandr Vondra, a Member of the Government."

"I myself certainly communists, social democrats and Christina Koci joy I do and do not intend to respond. Example resignation. Of course true that my position was, is and will be in the hands of the Prime Minister," he said after the vote, the current Defense Minister Vondra, who at the time of Czech presidency of the European Union in 2009 Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs.

"The government is responsible of Commons as a whole, it means that your house can not determine the decisions of the composition of government," said Prime Minister Necas in advance and indicated as the resolution stands.

Social Democrats against the proposal to Prime Minister Necas Vondrov forward a proposal to recall the president, he stand no one from the government coalition. The votes were logged in members only Social Democrats and Communists, which together were 78th They all voted for the proposal.

"The challenge coincides with our challenge, which takes several months. You do not vote against yourselves," said Chairman VV Radek John, why are the smallest coalition partner for nepodstavil Vondra.

When voting on Vondra did not support the coalition nor the TOP 09 "We respect that the case is a purely internal matter for the ODS. With our coalition partners can not defend this affair and we do not believe that there should be a reason for our coalition contradictions. It's just a case of ODS and ODS must be able to bear it," said one . deputy chairman Miroslav Kalousek.

"We do this procedure with our coalition partners disagree. Believe even that is a violation of the coalition agreement.However, we respect him and do not think that should lead to some fatal coalition damage relations, "Necas said and added:" Coalition not going into these political games, but it clearly points the ODS in the implementation of the modernization program in our country, to increase competitiveness and making reforms. There sincerely hope that we will continue with coalition partners. "

"Chamber of Deputies recommended to Mr. Petr Necas, to resign as his Prime Minister and the resignation of the government and as a whole," second draft loaded President Filip. His step excited at that time almost invisible coalition lawmakers to activity, chairman of the Group of 09 and TOP Mayor Peter Gazdik (STAN) married 20 minute break to ensure that enough members of his club against such a proposal.

The Communist vote on the proposal not to resign and the Prime Minister himself and with him his entire cabinet, except to join the legislators left the ODS, TOP 09 and three representatives of public affairs. Coalition managed to achieve a 56:29 ratio that the proposal was rejected, this time with representatives of the Social Democrats their votes abstentions.

Order of Alexandr Vondra, the appeal is for Prime Minister Petr Necas non-binding. Extraordinary meeting, which discussed the case, lasted three hours in total and spoke to her except Vondra itself primarily from the left speakers.

"Things can be done better," said Vondra, with regard to its earlier action. "In a year of work at the Ministry of Defence were just on public procurement, as I said in the House save three billion crowns," Defense Minister praised his ministry.

Discussion at an extraordinary meeting to ProMoPro Vondra said he "not particularly oblivious." According to him, nothing new in a performance. "It's all already been said many times, and I think we must wait for test results," concluded the Minister of Defence.

FAU Finance under Minister of Defense have appeared strange financial transactions between certain subcontractors, Vondra, however, its share of them clearly rejects. "Political accountability do not renounce, but I reject categorically any allegations of intent or interest to the abuse of public finances in connection with the Czech Presidency," already mentioned in debates in the House.

His speech angered opposition deputies, who criticized one by one. "I find it absolutely outrageous performance like you here, Mr. Vondra transferred.Today, his statement to me, maybe something could be done better 'came superagrogantní, "he grumbled, for example, CSSD deputy chairman Lubomir Zaoralek.

ProMoPro Company, et al. Ltd., ensuring delivery of audiovisual equipment and other services for conferences in Prague and the regions during the Czech Presidency of the European Union. The contract was given without a proper tender.

From the Office of the Government mentioned the company was paid approximately 550 million. According to the Ministry of Finance but it is not clear what the state received about half of the payments.

Jan Kálal, Martin Tyblova,

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