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Responsibility for policy sorceress!

Financial analyst, investor and investment advisor Ing. Emil Dočkal is a respected experts on the Czech stock market. As one of the first in this country began to play an active role in financial literacy to the public, is the bestselling author of Where the money and the wizard world of finance. "The Czechs know only one income - wages, salaries, bonuses, bribes, something the stalk.This leads to life from day to day, from paycheck to paycheck, "says Emil Dočkal to home interview.

What alternative does the offer, the investment?

If politicians during the last twenty years people have learned to think about how to prepare for future investment, today we did not have to solve complicated pension reform. We could rely on dividends instead of pension. But we are all accustomed to that we get some revenue, and now the government came up with the fact that people receive low pensions and also later go into retirement, it is of course no one likes it. But if the government said we will do the conditions that you have enough to invest and retire at fifty, fifty-five, if you will do well, so definitely there will be no problems around pension reform.

It is really so easy to become a rentier? Just follow the general rules?

If it was simple and reliable method of paying, would all be rich. Of course it is not without adequate preparation and knowledge. If one is serious and has a smaller amount of free investment, it must follow technical analysis, fundamental analysis of the market, the mood on the stock exchange ... without it impossible.

Can you be more specific after all?

People should follow common sense, and it offers at the moment on the domestic stock market in essentially two ways. They can go through security and dividends, there are particular titles offer the type of CEZ, Telefónica, Philip Morris.Another option are the titles that attract a medium or short-term trading, there I counted Commercial Bank, Erste Bank and the like.

Let's go back to the introductory sentence of our conversation, so, that a man who is focused only on income, thinks differently than when it decides to make money investing?

Definitely yes. I even think that investing is basically a way of life. If it were up to me, I'd reward policy shares would be better then changed their minds their words. For example, when policies before the election, says he sells more than CEZ stock market, and in that moment the price of CEZ   goes down and the one who buys shares and stock to the public it can be anyone,   will dictate the price of electricity ... Financial literacy also includes the maintenance of public money.

Policies reward companies - it is undoubtedly a revolutionary idea, think it is feasible in at us?

I think yes and no major problems. I think nowadays often go into politics failed entrepreneurs, just to earn.   For who will pay you so much traveling the world in so much money for their work with minimal accountability? If Parliament approves any bad law, do not worry! So many people want to be in politics.At the moment it entered into politics out of pure love of country and did not receive any remuneration or should have been paid shares would be their work, whether positive or negative, after all more connected to real life.

But then there would be political decisions motivated by an effort to drive up stock prices according to your needs?

It might be initially inclined to do, but there is what is called the invisible hand of the market, many things would look after investors in the stock market moves. Maybe now talking about the plan to hold the Olympics in Prague was a whistle, but it was worth 70 million and maybe some others. That's a lot of money to somebody and somebody got paid. Again nothing happened, just the only one confused. At the same time it could be resolved shares. Are you for the Olympics in Prague? Well, create a joint stock company, we will reward shares. When he decides that everything is wrong, stocks will have zero value and it would be resolved.Until the financial literacy of the nation is not good enough, politicians will do what they want.

Ing. Emil Dočkal will host the prestigious investment summit MoneyExpo 2011, the largest event of its kind in Central Europe, which is held on 18 and 19 June at the Top Hotel Prague. His lecture with the provocative title "Czechs, invest like sheep," is scheduled on Sunday, 19 June at 13.30 am Official Web


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