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STRIKES in Libya - FOCUS: NATO at war at half throttle


PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Some attack, others guard and the third just watching. One hundred days of air war in Libya showed how divided NATO in the war with Muammar Gaddafi.

NATO allies have in their charter musketeers inscribed the motto "one for all, all for one". In Libya, however, as one rope stretch.

If targets are unanimous: to overthrow Gaddafi. They differ, however, over how to achieve this.

France, which on Saturday 19 March overthrew the first bomb Libya, calls for NATO members to provide more fighters and other weapons for bombing Gaddafi units. Only a fraction of the Allied States is willing to send their fighters over Libya.

While the French want to win the Blitz, the Italians want to arm the insurgents to get it with the hated leader handled themselves. Most NATO countries but is opposed.

Other states are idle or dithered, as bombs fall on Libya as Gaddafi Tripoli rides in a convertible and theatrically rods fist to the sky or playing chess with the head of the International Chess Federation Kirsan Russian Iljumžinovem

The Americans controlled the air war originally, but then handed over command of NATO and most of its fighters and bombers from around Libya downloaded. One hundred days after the raids lead to only supporting air defense.

Billboard changed sew operations. From Dawn odyssey became a single defender.

But the unity of the alliance far. Therefore, waging war only at half throttle.

French and British persuade Americans to increase their contribution to the coalition force fighting against Kaddáfímu. So far in vain. This is equivalent to trying to get other European nations to engage in attacks.

"Italy does not issue a command to the aircraft opened fire," he said in parliament Italian Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa. What's more, the Italians asked for suspension of air raids.

Czech government has already announced before the attacks, the Gripen, which has leased Czech army, air strikes will not participate. Diplomacy is justified by the fact that the Mediterranean does not belong to the priorities of Czech foreign policy.

Ministry of Defense, it sent word that airplanes do not have the necessary data systems and lack of training pilots how to refuel in flight. Above all, however - Czech Army has these little fighters, only the 14th

Ambivalence is also in alliance diplomacy. Some of the Allies recognized the rebel government, others with reluctance, and some do not want to hear about it.

This fragmentation is clearly the reason why the strike in Libya turned into a trench war.

This is an overview of how the NATO countries involved in operations against the Gaddafi regime.

STATES NATO bombing:
Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Canada, Norway, United States

... Who oversee the no-fly zone:
Italy, Netherlands, Spain

... I'm watching THE SHIP arms embargo:
Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey

... And those who look at it:
Czech, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia

Paul Jégl,

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ÚDER V LIBYI - FOCUS: NATO válčí na půl plynu

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