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Wall Street: Movies that you must see!

Ten films from which lessons can be drawn not only the habits of professionals from Wall Street, but also knowledge about the functioning of the world's largest shopping center.

Rogue Trader (Broker)

  • 1999
  • Rogue Trader is the story of trader Nick Leeson of Barings Bank filmed by reality. Ewan McGregor did a great actor, he imitated the British addiction to the sweet genius. Although the film ultimately was not very successful, fun and can be considered to be "faster" version of the movie Wall Street.

Trading Places (Replacement)

  • 1983

Probably the funniest movie of the Wall Street environment. Comedy with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroydem. They will one day replace their roles in life - a successful trader on Wall Street commodities and street hustler. Funny style that speaks of Murphy and futures markets, worth a visit.

Wall Street

  • 1987

Oliver Stone had originally intended to display the greed that has governed with Wall Street in the 80 years. Definitely did not expect that the time of the film could become one of the best shots with a financial theme, which was ever made. People are still fascinated by the character Gordon Gekko in the administration of Michael Douglas, created by Michael Milken and Ivan Boeskyho. Boiler Room (Risk)

  • Examples of the above-mentioned films HERE:

  • Boiler Room (Risk)
  • 2000

This classic piece shows Giovanni Ribisiho promotion to the top, where he befriends a fellow Vin Diesel. They will learn everything you need to successfully sell shares by phone. If you've ever worked in telemarketing, you will be close to the film.The film is very similar story, Jordan Belfort, to the yachts, and drugs.

Glengarry Glen Ross (Competitors)

  • 1992

The film takes place outside of Wall Street, however, dealt with the same things with which to "struggling" merchants, including bonuses and cars. Traders would do anything to close shop. Alec Baldwin in the film performs only about 10 minutes, but his speech towards the next big stars (Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris) deserves an Oscar.

Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room

  • 2005

One of the best documentary film tells the story of Enron's growth and its subsequent fall. Special events illustrate stories executives Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling, Andy Fastow, and Timothy Belden. This brilliant film also includes interviews with former energy trader and hedge fund manager Jim Chanos.


  • 1987
  • This little-known documentary was filmed during a tumultuous bull market. It deals with everyday life, an active investor Paul Tudor Jones. Using historical charts from the workshop of Jesse Livermore predicts Jones in the stock market crash, called Black Monday. Although Jones portrays the essence in a positive light, get legal copy of the movie almost impossible; because it is said that all he bought thousands of copies Jones.American Psycho (American Psycho)

  • Examples of the above-mentioned films HERE:

  • 2000

Patrick Bateman, played by Christian Bale, Wall Street is a true professional. In life, accomplished all he is missing something. Loses sense and decides to kill. When you see the film, never make eye contact on the card as yet.

Bonfire Of The Vanities (Fireworks vanity)

  • 1990

The novel by Tom Wolfe Fireworks vanity focused their attention on Manhattan's elite 80th years and its estrangement from the rest of the city. Tom Hanks plays a successful man of Wall Street, which is involved with a lover. Their relationship, but over time will result in a tragic murder. The ability of film to capture the social inequality and the formation of social classes in New York's greatest asset picture.

Quants: The Alchemists Of Wall Street

  • 2010
  • Quants is a 45 minutes documentary film on the work of quantitative analysts on Wall Street. It offers an unusual look into the souls of the mathematical geniuses who created the financial models that simultaneously create and destroy Wall Street.

Examples of the above-mentioned films HERE:

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Wall Street: Filmy, které musíte vidět!

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