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Saving the Third Age - the dispute for their retirement at building societies

If you left the board has only a few years, apparently trying to set aside aside possible amount of money. Certainly you have also entered into a pension for which you are trying to get the highest possible state contribution. But did you know that you can prepare for retirement and the building society?

Make sure the age of the building savings

With advancing years certainly feel the need to set aside more for retirement and more funding. The first product on which rests the attention of your pension will, in which you state will offer an interesting post. The amount of this contribution is yet dependent on the amount of your monthly deposits. The more you save, the higher contribution you can make. Of course, this applies only to the amount of CZK 1,000 per month.If you save you more in pension plans, an ever of the same paper, as if to save more of those 1,000 CZK. Now what? You can either means of CZK 1,000 per month to send more to the pension scheme, or you can look for a more interesting alternative.
The most you can for a product called Saving the Third Age from the Blue Pyramid Building Society, which first came up with a building society building society tariff intended for people over 55 years.

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Savings compared to standard construction, as it offers all the building societies, Saving the Third Age has advantages in the form of zero-fee contract for building savings and the fact that my client after three years from the conclusion of building savings contract to terminate the contract without any charges. Saving the Third Age has all the advantages such as a building society, where most of you will most likely state aid. It now reaches 10% of invested funds, up to CZK 2,000 per year.

Get the most out of state contributions

Your money so you can still send the pension, where you only bring interest between 0% - 3%, or just send them to the building society in which you are guaranteed credited interest (no interest on pension fundsnot guarantee), plus you can draw additional state contribution.
Let the various options to convert speech into numbers. The amount of CZK 1,000 sent to the pension in excess of CZK 1,000, which are necessary for obtaining the highest possible state contribution, you interest at 2% pa in the six-year term will bring the amount of CZK 4,431. The amount of CZK 1,000 per month sent to the building society will then for the same period of time "earns" 9584 CZK, since this amount is already deducted the same time account management fee, which is CZK 300 per year.
Six years is yet to obtain a minimum state contribution (pension at the minimum shall be 5 years), if you want to continue saving even after these years, so of course you can. Saving the Third Age is normally effected on a target amount of CZK 200,000, which is the first monthly úložce000 CZK for 13 years, sufficient savings.

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So if you do not have a contract with Blue Pyramid Building Society, we will definitely consider the possibility of obtaining state contribution to CZK 2,000 per year at more favorable terms for you. While you have time to June 30, 2012, by which it is possible to conclude that beneficial tariff.

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