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They advise you to buy shares in solar companies? Do not listen. Part Two


Bankruptcies can not be ruled out

To some extent we can say that the current problems in solar was not caused only by populist politics States, or that this sector is not the future, but also bad business models of the companies themselves, which seemed calculated that pile of money from the state kas can never stop flowing.
If the state grants from previous years not aiming to risk spending, but the structure itself the management of companies, they would currently face the current situation more efficiently and move from dependence on state funds in their own viability. So these companies actually killed the end of solar energy, but the free market where prices began to fall and without subsidies came virtually under production costs.

It's not just about Q-Cells, the victims of "capitalism" became a number of companies. For example, last year also showed SOLYNDRA extinct in one year, and how interesting the results gradually in individual European countries subsidies declined, went to decay, and practically within one year. In the capitalist world seems all a bit relative. China puts its competitors for quite a high bar.Many might say that these companies that can mainly on the basis of unfair practices, but it is not entirely true, since these companies report their management already in the U.S., where they are issued their shares and clear roll and competitors from America, which brings us to the problem, just enforce better business model based on cheap labor, to "blackmail". Yingli Green Solar and Trina Solar are an excellent example, each of them decided not to extend its reach into all sectors and fields of specialization based on individual parts came under the control of their own costs, including logistics.If the situation will continue at the same pace, which means further curtail state subsidies, lower purchase prices of energy, may remain on the market in just a few years, Chinese society. This process disrupts the development of real prices and will likely continue for some time literally fall on his bottom.

After this achievement, however, we become witnesses znovuobrození that experience but perhaps only just Chinese. We are still in decline, and even expectations for the next period will be quite unpleasant, such as by vision Trina Solar will purchase crystalline cells continue to be below those for which they are produced, despite the fact that there is a delay in the development of these technologies.This process could be so far away that the Director of Trina Solar stated that it will remain in the current situation on the market in this sector, maybe two companies together will not directly compete, but cooperate and focus on their specialization. After this denouement would be said to stabilize feed prices and the bubble burst finally reached values ??of which could result in increases, which would probably bring recovery and re-growth of global demand. At that time, however, already shares a TSL value could be around $ 1, just as it is now at the former "star" JA Solar Holdings Co.. It would however, in that time did not exist, since it could be swallowed by a competitor or be added to the side of "Chapter 11".

Around the world at this moment is the fact that the decline in demand reduction of purchase prices are already moving into very unnatural numbers, which could indicate just mentioned the impact and revitalization of the sector.

The industry and in the future may mean an interesting opportunity, the choice is only a need to focus not directly on the numbers that the company has in a given period, but rather on its ability act inability to cope with limitations and can make grants to natural market mechanism clash with demand.

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They recommend you buy some shares in solar companies? Do not listen to him. Part One

To be continued ...

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