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You undertake real estate building society and you need a mortgage? We know where you borrow the most

Already paying off a building savings loan or bridge loan, which you are responsible for your property? Or would you purchase, construction or reconstruction of your property partly financed by a loan from building savings and part mortgage loan? It is possible, the conditions under which individual banks can, in this case provide a mortgage loan but of course different.

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Mortgage loan in which you guarantee the same properties that have already or will seriously diminish the lien Building Society is not a matter of course, come meet you after an assessment in some banks, in the case of commercial banks then only if the building is sometimes inappropriate savings bank that you have stopped your property, Blue Pyramid Building Society.

The banks, which give you a mortgage if the property is already encumbered with a lien building societies

Bank Can be combined collateral ISS + HU
Czech Savings Bank Yes - in agreement
Mortgage Bank Yes - in agreement
Commercial Bank yes - after podohodě and loan MPSS
LBBW not
mBank not
Raiffeisenbank Yes - in agreement
Volksbank yes
Wüstenrot hyp. bank Yes - in agreement

Most will lend on mortgage bank

Now therefore know which banks are able to give you a mortgage if the property has its warrant from some building societies. What then under these different banks provided the maximum mortgage loan.It is based on the ratio of the sum total of the loan from building savings and mortgages and collateral value. Bank that has this level is the maximum mortgage bank. It is able to provide you with a mortgage loan up to 95% ratio of the sum of the loan from building savings and mortgage loan.

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Collateral value is CZK 2,000,000, the property is already encumbered with a lien building societies, in which you pay off a building savings loan to the amount of CZK 500,000. Now, you would still like to have drawn a mortgage loan. Calculation of: 2,000,000 (collateral value) - 500,000 (the loan from building savings) x 95% (maximum rate for a mortgage loan).

The maximum loan amount for mortgage banks in this case is 1,400,000 CZK And what are those circumstances that the individual banks across the market?

Overview of the maximum ratio of total loans and the collateral value of the property of individual banks

Bank Max. LTV mortgage loans to provide
Czech Savings Bank 80%
Mortgage Bank 95%
Commercial Bank 85%
mBank x
Raiffeisenbank 90%
Unicredit Bank x
Volksbank x
Wüstenrot hyp. bank
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To invest in their property as possible to document their own resources, bank mortgage is just that institution, to which should be denied to your attention first. Now the bank to mortgage loans specializes in combination with a loan from building savings will provide you with the highest possible mortgage loan.

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