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Markets  |  June 01, 2012 17:00:04

Czech Republic - a summary 1.6 - At the beginning of a new month is all wrong, disappointment from macroeconomic reports and concerns about developments in Greece and Spain

The Prague Stock Exchange in early June continued in the May Outlet trend and followed the general market uncertainty toward deeper into the red.
You could say that at the beginning of the new moon was not anything right, except for rare exceptions company newly coming bad news, especially from macroeconomics, where the apparent trend continued deterioration of the data not only in Europe but also in China and now also in the USA. That drop data on manufacturing activity in Europe is perhaps not surprising significantly, worsening labor market situation in the U.S. but different caliber. The local labor market, while still showing incremental value plus the number of jobs, but the data set significantly lag behind expectations, raising concerns about the sustainability of growth of the local economy decently run over.One of the few positive moments in this regard is the fact or speculation that it will be more difficult, the greater the possibility of starting the next round of support measures.
Apart from purely fundamental motives also significantly negatively affect developments in Spain and Greece. In the words of the Spanish finance minister will decide the fate of the euro in a matter of just a few weeks in Spain and in Italy. Bond yields troubled European countries are approaching record levels of last November.
Just a faint patches of total filth was today's Irish yes in the referendum on the European Stability Pact.

On the home front was to share KB. PMCR and TO2 active on the selling side of all other catchment ttuly.Most stocks fell KIT digital (-13%), while uneasily market reacts to news of proliferating corporate actions specialists regarding correctness of information on the results and prospects of the former management. This much work still to current management does not add a picture or media company that does not support separately. Today also weakened markedly NWR that fall along with a significant correction in oil and energy in general on world markets.

Daily comments:
European stocks moving in to a new month slump
Breakfast-stock 6.1 - Spain, Greece, macro

Conclusion Exchange June 1, 2012 16:28 SPAD detail
Name Course Change Volume Yesterday
AAA 17.89    -2.19% 0.05 million 18.29
CETV 119.12    -0.84% 9.66 million 120.13
ČEZ 733.30    -0.23% 301.19 million 735.00
ERSTE BANK GROUP 359.30    -1.16% 46.67 million 363.50
FORTUNA 93.76    -0.79% 0.75 million 94.51
KITD 62.30    -13.17% 1.84 million 71.75
COMMERCIAL BANK 3109.00    0.29% 215.66 million 3100.00
NWR 89.90    -3.75% 50.78 million 93.40
ORCO 69.75   -1.08% 0.39 million 70.51
PEGAS NONWOVENS 418.10    -0.92% 3.12 million 422.00
PHILIP MORRIS CR 11,253.00    0.74% 0.24 million 11,170.00
TELEFÓNICA CR 380.50    0.13% 73.38 million 380.00
UNIPETROL 169.25    -0.15% 2.60 million 169.50
VIG 710.30    -1.39% 1.07 million 720.30
TOTAL   707.41 million

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The main economic news and comments

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ČR - souhrn 1.6. - na začátku nového měsíce je všechno špatně, zklamání z makroekonomických zpráv a obavy o vývoj v Řecku a Španělsku

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