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Police asks for release Parkanová prosecution of the two is suspected of criminal offenses (13 June 2012)

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Detectives of the Unit for Combating Corruption and Financial Crime in the middle of the 13th hours delivered to the Chamber a request for extradition of Deputies Vice Vlasta Parkanova (TOP 09) for criminal prosecution. Reuters said department spokesman Jaroslav Ibehej with the fact that he is suspected of two crimes.

The police want to prosecute because Parkanova contract to purchase the CASA aircraft for the Czech Army. "Given reasonable suspicion of committing two crimes. More to the point currently will not provide," said anti-corruption police spokesman. He said only that in connection with the purchase of aircraft CASA has never been accused of committing a crime. Whether going to the police except Parkanová blame someone else, did not Ibehej.

President of the Chamber of Deputies Miroslava Nemcova receipt confirmed on Wednesday afternoon. "Today at 12.58 am police received a request for approval of the Chamber of Deputies with the release of the criminal prosecution of Dr. MP. Vlasta Parkanova. This request, I under the provisions of the Rules of Procedure, to the President of the Mandate and Immunity Committee to consider and report to the House proposal," said Nemcova.

At the meeting, according to the current President of the House to decide fate of Vlasta Parkanova not, clear it should be right at the next regular meeting, which awaits House in July.

Nemcova also approached one of the offenses for which police issue requires Member of TOP 09: "It is a criminal charge of abuse of public office."

Justification, which wants to study only Nemcova, has five pages of text.

Chief State Prosecutor / (PES) in Prague, which supervises police verification, will not comment on any recent developments. "Surveillance prosecutor does not wish to give any information," spokeswoman Irena Válová PES.

Politicians of the top 09 are police claims of surprise and does not understand it. "I do not understand why the police request for a Vlasta Parkanova, when purchasing aircraft CASA was a collective decision of the whole Topolanek's government," said the Chairman of the Group TOP 09 Peter Gazdik.

"If someone wants to prosecute the police must prosecute all members of Topolanek's government. If the police will apply for all members of Topolanek's government, who are also members of the TOP 09, it shall be liable to prosecution to be able to purify the court. Blame the collective guilt one man is not from the police, in our opinion, fair, "he concluded Gazdik.

That position is also head of the TOP 09, a "home" by Vlasta Parkanova, Karel Schwarzenberg. "I decided to purchase the entire government, it was not Mrs. Parkanová decision. Thus, it is utter nonsense, it follows the indictment because the then prime minister should be from all those living in the former government were to go to jail. But I find it utter nonsense and has never happened that someone was indicted because of government decisions, "he told reporters on Wednesday, Foreign Minister and Chairman of the TOP 09

Request the police do not like the Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek (TOP 09). "I do not understand. That decision did Parkanova. That decision made the government as a whole, made it unanimous. I could understand if the police wanted to prosecute the government, but not one of its members for the unanimous decision.They should be charged with all members of the former government, including me, Prime Minister Necas, Karel Schwarzenberg, Alexandr Vondra and others, "he said.

He stressed that no minister of the then government of Mirek Topolanek (ODS) challenged the decision. "I still have an operation believed to be correct. On all bear the same responsibility. Logic of the situation we should all be charged. Should the government accused a member of the unanimous decision of the government, I thought it a crazy precedent. That has not happened here , "he added.

About how Kalousek will vote in the House, is clear: "If we were to be brought to everyone, then I'll vote for. Should only be issued Parkanova and in any case."

The current Defense Minister Alexandr Vondra (ODS) was the cautious comments on the application. "I do not like Sen. access to information to which they have or will have access to members of the House. So far there were only some leaks, as usual. I was always a highly critical of the treaty, but now I can not comment on this because I have no information what exactly should be concerned. " said the minister.

Purchase of four CASA aircraft for 3.5 billion and five aircraft L-159 approved in 2009 the government of Mirek Topolanek (ODS). CASA aircraft, however, since early last year and problems with the avionics system did not work and passive protection against missiles. The aircraft, which should have been already deployed in Afghanistan last year, so not even part of the year were not allowed into the air.

Spanish technical issues as compensation promised to return an aircraft L-159, the exchange was part of the purchase contract. In the future, with aircraft such as CASA provides for the needs of combat units Battle Group, jointly planned by 2016 to create armies of the Visegrad Four.

Michal Hrbek, Karolina Brozova, Nachtmann Filip, Miroslav Kynčl,

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