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Interview: What is the right time for the conclusion of the life insurance?

Closing the life insurance in life most of us, something very like pushing back "on later." Misfortune, however, happens to people but the people, and so may be situations where the conclusion of the life insurance too late. So we asked Mgr. Petra Leštinové, mažerky the claims of life insurance business in the Czech insurance company, for its opinion and recommendations.

Closing the life insurance is about things that most of us r very Adah postponed "for later." What do you think the best time to close the life insurance?

Yes, you are right in this, experience shows us that people often feel that they are nothing bad can not happen and do not give sufficient assurance of their health significance.You need to realize that life insurance is primarily a preventive measure for a number of situations that may arise in our lives. Best time to close the life insurance is when you have no or minimal health difficulties can say that the time is right now, because none of us will no longer be a healthier tomorrow.

Often I meet with the view that it is appropriate to close the life insurance until the time when my income will depend my family, wife and child.

It is true that the need to hedge against loss of income increases significantly when you become the family breadwinner. The risks, however, marital status and distinguish situations may arise which may have a fatal impact your life, even when no one but himself neživíte. I insurance for children is warranted, at the time of their illness care is usually a parent, leading to a reduction in family income that can offset just insurance.

She mentioned the risk for some people, something very vague. What do we mean by "risk" to present?

The term "risk" everything you can imagine what the life insurance can insure. For example, a common tripping or slipping on a plane, which according to our statistics, the most frequently reported cause of the claim, can lead to many different serious injuries. Unfortunately this is not always just a broken knee, but outside as well as fractures may result in ordinary matter such as severe head injury. Stumble while almost anyone can.

Coincidentally, I recently reported the same situation as me, when I managed to stumble in the park during the fall and I caused the emission of an inch on your hands.

See? Similar situations are common and really do not avoid anyone. And do not even have too risky profession or hobby.

On the other hand, I at that time already had life insurance and I must say that I was looking at insurance coverage pleasantly surprised. At first I did not even think of something like insurance report, coincidentally, I went straight from plastering to lunch with your financial consultant who has done this in a very good job.

Communication is half the battle. Many people pay life insurance, without knowing what is within it are actually insured. They are then unpleasantly surprised if the insurer does not pay the insurance benefit, because the circumstances were not insured or the insured event does not answer the other hand, although entitled to insurance benefits are. Unfortunately, many of them life insurance canceled because they feel that they are useless.

What other causes of claims are among the most commonly reported?

At the top are the "traditional" fall on the stairs, injuries caused by the subject of which is the most common injury with a knife, followed by the disease, for example, or fall on skates, skateboards and skis, and a little more serious injuries from traffic accidents. Specific details can be found in the table.So back to your question, when is the best time for the conclusion of life insurance. As soon as possible, most claims originated in the most ordinary situations.

Thank you for the interview

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