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Czech republic  |  June 25, 2012 12:10:05

Crime in the Czech Republic has been stagnating or slightly declining, the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office found

BRNO (MEDIAFAX) - Crime in the Czech Republic last year was flat, or its presence in society is gradually decreasing. It results from the annual report of the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office, which provided the agency on Monday unless otherwise indicated NSS spokesman Markus Helena.

Based on statistical data according to Markus can conclude that in terms of long-term development of crime stagnating or declining gradually. "However, we have recently seen major problems with overcrowding, which is due to the high proportion of recidivism for convicted people," said the spokesperson.

Number of people examined in the Czech Republic remained at almost the same year on year, but continues to increase the proportion of summary trial. This form of justice handled 52.3 percent of cases handled.

A positive phenomenon is the annual increase in the number of crimes cleared up by 3.9 percent. Detection rate increased by about one point to 38.5 percent.

The structure of crime remains essentially the same. Still prevails in property crime. The violent crime manifests the growing aggressiveness and brutality of perpetrators of such crimes also take part in youth and minors. In the case of economic crime were widely reported cases of damage to the financial interests of the EU, particularly in connection with the abuse of subsidies. For drug offenses and increasing the number of defendants prosecuted.

Markus noticed by the applicants, some new phenomena in the economic and financial crime."They are emissions trading, misuse of the Internet, there have been infringements in order to achieve unauthorized cash payment of unemployment benefits to the detriment of the state," listed the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office spokesman.

According to the statistics recorded the prosecution authorities for criminal proceedings in the growth of corruption offenses, but the number in absolute terms by Markus still quite insignificant numbers. It is generally considered that the number of cases of corruption that are the subject of criminal proceedings does not reflect reality. "We rule, therefore, that the existing measures in this area yielded a substantive change and for detecting and proving corruption still lacking effective tools," said Markus.

In this context, according to spokesman for prosecutors prepared to mention any new law on public prosecutor's office, which also proposes to establish a special prosecution unit for combating corruption, which defines the scope, but in particular guarantees a higher degree of independence, autonomy and enhanced powers for the effective fight against corruption.

One of the most serious forms of crime that is constantly on the rise, with the forecast continuation of this trend, however, according to Markus drug crime. "Then they multiply indoor cannabis growing facilities operated primarily foreigners among Vietnamese nationals was an increase in illegal imports of medicines containing pseudoephedrine from neighboring Poland," noted Markus.

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