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Property as security for retirement

Building savings is beneficial for all ages. As for the newborn and the fifties. Investment property is indeed one of the most popular opportunities to secure a pension.

The younger we are, the less favorable conditions we will have a pension. Calculation of pension will be less favorable to the annual indexation of pensions is less than expected, due to legislative changes to get lower insurance period. In short, the relationship between income and wages before reaching retirement will decrease.

How to provide for retirement?

The possibilities are of course more. Investment in housing is a chance for most people. Rental properties can generate significant additional income for retirement. The advantage of renting is that it is resistant to inflation. When prices are increasing the price of rent.Nice apartment at a good time in addition to price rises, it can be so in retirement "profit" to sell. Own less property income is a good financial strategy, which favored use of Western Europeans.

Take a small flat is worth

The best way to rent smaller apartments. Although the population does not increase too, so the number of households. The reason is the high divorce rate and growing number of "singles". More and more people live alone. Smaller apartments are rented better. The operating costs of these apartments are smaller. When a rented apartment near the places of residence, so we have a tenant under control. With good financial planning is not impossible to purchase a smaller flat. Purchase a small apartment can be financed from the loan for building savings.Start saving for building savings can be even fifty and repay the credit at retirement and pension only have property to rent. Or, if necessary, to sell.

Wüstenrot - interest rates from 3.7%

The biggest advantage is saving construction is advantageous loan. The interest rate is fixed and constant throughout the loan repayment. The loan can be repaid without even earlier by irregular installments. If we understand the investment property as a means of obtaining funds in retirement, then it is obviously better than to draw proper credit bridging loan. Young people, however, to resolve their housing situation and we will use bridging loans that allow you to remain in their own as soon as possible, even if we had saved enough.Wüstenrot offers interest rate from 3.7% a year, while loan can save up to draw even at 30% of the target amount. That low interest rate, which is the same throughout the repayment period and we know it when signing contracts on building savings, building society makes advantageous financial product.

Interest in the savings phase is also interesting

Financial security in retirement needs to plan ahead. The advantage of building society savings with the fact that after six years when we find that we prefer other investments and other kinds of security in retirement than the property, nothing happens, the money can be used in any way. In the phase of savings in the first six years of his money while we evaluate interesting. Wüstenrot remunerated deposits of its clients in building savings Saba 2.2% interest per annum.At an annual úložce 20 000 CZK more clients there is entitled to a contribution of CZK 2 000. Government contribution together with an attractive interest rate of 2.2% per year, making the building society still advantageous financial product.

The financial world is changing rapidly

Investment property in order to ensure the board, either in the form of regular income from the lease or sale, is available to most people. Especially for those who want to monitor developments in financial markets and change their investment strategies according to current developments. Building savings is therefore advantageous to provide financial product for retirement. It should not be missed in the family portfolio, although no plans at present drawing a favorable loan.The situation in six years may be quite different from today and we are glad that we have concluded building savings. Moreover, the savings in the first six years of real value to your money.

Read how to provide for retirement savings

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