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Nečasová government would put in four, political scientists agree with

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Department of Petr Necas (ODS) will be on Friday at the office exactly two years ago, political scientists favor but he has not. The positive budgetary savings plan, according to them trumps nepromyšlenost reforms, the absence of debate with the opposition and the public, and therefore ministers to report overall oznámkovali Four.

"Balance of the cabinet is not happy. Most of the time spent by internal divisions and squabbles. Problem is that the government did not introduce any reforms that promise," said political scientist Joseph Mlejnek unless otherwise indicated.

"As for positives, I think that the only positive I can find is that rules with a majority, it provides the opportunity to pursue things they are pursuing. We have not had time," mentioned political scientist Jiri Pehe .

Pehe but pointed out that parliamentary dominance brings with it a number of negatives. "They enforce the decisions which are not thought out. Biggest downside of this government is promoting policies without adequate discussion. The whole policy of the investigation and crossed out the shrinking of the so-called blunt cuts," he said.

"The government is behaving arrogantly. Good example is the restitution of church property, where themselves against 80 percent of the public. This does not mean that the government in a democratic society should not enforce such a thing even in this constellation, but should better explain its decision," he added Pehe .

Another sin is Peheho failure by the Cabinet in the fight against corruption. "All the existing measures are merely cosmetic. As ODS Parties are bound by various non-transparent structures. Did this style, the wolf ate, but the goat remained whole," he said.

Mlejnek Cabinet acknowledged the positive points for personnel changes in the judiciary. According to him, but may have an ephemeral life. "In the area of ??justice is likely to occur now backing. I still suspect that the new minister was installed because to stop the changes that could bring positive change. His comments raise concern that they are not reverse," he said.

"Pension reform is problematic, it is not clear if anything does. People put money into funds whose return is questionable. Main problem is that few children are born. I think it would be good if the pension reform of pro accompanying measures such as support for young families, "criticized the government on Mlejnek. Increasing the tax and benefit cuts, according to him while the position of young families just getting worse.

"The government is criticized for it, it does not accept any measures to support growth. Not just cuts. Government itself has said that cuts must come reforms that will stimulate economic growth," said political scientist, according to which ministers are truly reform changes have not come.

"I find that dominate vnitrokoaliční fight and that the government has no time for conceptual problem solving. Even things that does make quite chaotic. A government crisis turns the other. But positive nerozhazuje that the government and that public finances into debt so neřítí as in some other European countries, "he added Mlejnek.

"This would give the government a D certificate. I think it's disastrous government, not only because of the decision, what he was doing, but also style, which is promoted. Quartet is relevant to my mark," the ministers reviewed Pehe.The same report would give his cabinet colleague Mlejnek: "If I had to evaluate the result of just one mark, they would get from me for four ministers."

Jan Kálal,

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