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What accounting program to select 1/3?

"I recommend an accounting program that is simple and easy to use" - the question I hear often from customers. What do they answer? In this article you will find an unconventional look at the choice of accounting vendor accounting programs .

Accounting programs on the market range from well-known to "newcomers". Apparently we have calculated the largest number of producers accounting programs per capita in the world - in such disarray that the goat :-) When choosing confessed, we have to stick to objective facts and needs.

For simplicity and brevity in the article I will give only three programs:

The first two are chosen because they are most common in the CR and therefore represent a sufficient number of users. FlexiBee is selected because it is the dark horse in the market with economic software. There is no other comparable system.

Other systems being arranged, because:

  • to sell less and have significantly behind the number of users in the tens of thousands, or
  • DOS does not work and are now standard on 64-bit PC or
  • support functions that are now routinely demand (network version, links to e-shops).

Honorable exception of not accounting Posting Pacific , which has long been a legend literally, and its omission would definitely fried in hell :-)

I know that my other manufacturers accounting will not be happy for the omission of their products, but I will mention at least briefly at the end of the article. I have no aim to objectively compare all accounting programsin CR, I just want to touch some of the requirements recently when selecting accounting programs appear.

"I want a simple program"

"So you have to find it myself", I say figuratively customer. Simplicity and ease of use is a subjective opinion, as well as an answer to the question of which color is best or which football team is the best. What appeals to me may not appeal to you.

The answer to the "simple program" must each customer find themselves - when testing demos . It's hard, but I can not otherwise. Shoes in the store you can also try yourself, you can not give recommendations on the clerk that you certainly will. If not try the program yourself, nobody will do it for you ...

And then he picked (hopefully) only objective selection criteria :-)

I am an accountant, looking for "classic"

For classic accounts offer the classic and well-established accounting programs . You do not want to try anything new, you do not want to experiment and certified accounting program , which is every second?

Select Accounting Welfare ,Money S3 Posting Pacific , ECONOMIST , etc. These programs have tens of thousands of users are time-tested, carrying them to get attractive discounts.

A FlexiBee?

FlexiBee is classic. FlexiBee Although historically based on the WinStrom, but functionally and visually it's something else entirely. If you are conservative, do not vote FlexiBee because it is not a conservative program.

I need ...

In the next part we will focus on some specific customer requirements.

Article Author: John Blaha, BlahaSoft

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