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The government approved pay increases for judges and state officials in five (19 July 2012)

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - The government on Thursday approved a bill to increase the salaries of judges and constitutional factors. Prime Minister Petr Necas (ODS) said that ministers developed the change in five variants, in addition to the original judges to increase by about 11 thousand crowns of gross salary to all Members.

Among the five options is the one that practically does not increase the salaries of politicians. The first option is to establish a base salary 2.51 times the average wage grow by another tenth to three times. "Do not avoid the discussion of the salaries of judges and their base salary were addressed separately," Necas said, the division could be either in the law, judges' salaries could eventually move to a different legal standard.

"The government must respond to the Constitutional Court (CC). If not for that decision, the government would not deal with salaries at all. I suppose that this proposal will be sent to the Chamber of Deputies only as a legislative carrier and that the final version will be primarily in relation to the salaries of judges prepared on the basis of political agreement in the House, "he said on Wednesday Prime Minister.

Chairman of the Constitutional Court Pavel Rychetsky but such arguments on Thursday rejected for Czech Radio. He said the decision applies only to certain groups of judges. "And therefore emphasize the general court judges, not court officials or other U.S. judges. So the result is clear we do not say anything other than that, the general court judges can not reduce salaries," he said.

Increasing the salaries of politicians by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Jaromir Drabek (TOP 09) cause changes in the common base salary with the judges. "For a reasonable solution, especially given the current economic situation and the state budget, which is considered to determine the base salary relation to the average wage in the public sector of 2.7 times," he said when proposing his ministry.

"If the Constitutional Court of the base salary calculated as 2.5 times the numbers found to be unconstitutional, and the logic of the original base salary calculated as 3 times the numbers safely constitutional, then a compromise solution that would be possible in the future constitutionality of the test to succeed, was chosen determination of multiple numeral 2.7, "read the material heading for the government.

Gross parliamentary salary would increase after the conversion of 55,900 crowns to 66,700 crowns, Minister of 106,600 crowns to 127,200 crowns and the Prime Minister would have improved by almost 30 000 CZK to 179 000 per month.

Opposition condemned the proposal, but also trade unions. "The arrogance of the government will stop at nothing. In this very tense time of cuts and savings, in particular social spending, U.S. government uses to the deputies, ministers, senators, judges and prosecutors, including the President, again raised their salaries," said Chairman Association of Independent Unions Bohumír Dufek. If the government salary increase, according to him, should raise the minimum wage to at least 12 500 crowns.

Shadow Justice Minister and presidential candidate Jiri Dienstbier (CSSD) said that his side do not mind the salary increase for judges. "You should be fully consistent with the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court that it did not change every year.I do not think it is appropriate at present to increase the salaries of deputies and senators, "Dienstbier said earlier unless otherwise indicated.

Chairman of the opposition NS-LION 21 Jiri Paroubek made little effort to draft described as stupid. "I think that this government does not only great political mistakes in big things. But she makes mistakes and the things that people are very understandable," he told Mediafax on Wednesday Paroubek.

The amendment now heads to the Chamber of Deputies and that is where, according to the prime minister had made crucial debates. "Whoever decides to Parliament. And we believe it should be based on broad political consensus," said Necas.

"The government still maintains its view that even the judges are or should be subject to the same regime as all other citizens of this country. That is when the state saving, is the deletion of the item," joined the Prime Minister.It also stated that in his opinion, changes in pay since January 2013.

"I am convinced that it stihnutelné of course, because the government has approved the proposal, he can go to the first reading at the September meeting of the House of Commons and accessories shortening and finding a political consensus is stihnutelné," Prime Minister mentioned. Calculated the same time that the set that the law is concerned, is of 85 percent of the judges. Politicians in it occupy only 15 percent.

Necas said it is the judges who prevent their separation from the salaries of politicians. "Paradoxically, from my experience of meeting with representatives of the judiciary, I can confirm that if someone furiously insists that all salaries of constitutional officials were bound by one law and it is the judges," he said.

The view was also supported by Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek (TOP 09) with the words: "Back in those happy times of five and six percent rise stomiliardových deficits, increased salaries of constitutional officials, few could imagine that it would be otherwise, the judges were able to enforce , and greatly wanted to do that to themselves in the law on salaries of constitutional officials. They felt it was very convenient for them, because the salaries of constitutional officials grew. "

"It's hard to imagine they could a situation where government officials will consider it their duty solidarizovat the situation in the country and they will also reduce the salaries. I think the cleanest solution is to disconnect it again," said Kalousek.

A similar position was taken and Vice-Carolina Peake (PEOPLE)."I propose to base separation pay of judges and other court officials, so that did not depend on each other and pay the politicians to remain frozen. Same solidarity with the rest of non-business sector as well as I'd expected from the judges," she said.

After the eventual adoption of the proposal would in 2013, the total additional costs to the state budget to 576.7 million crowns. That the salaries of judges of the Supreme Administrative Court, Supreme Court, the High, regional and district courts, the State has issued addition, 352.1 million, the judges of the Constitutional Court 5.3 million, prosecutors 128.4 million, 84 million to politicians and employees of the Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs 6.9 million.

Drahorád Jan, Jan Kálal, Miroslav Kyncl,

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