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Necas's cabinet will discuss the number of policemen, oil reserves and vehicles registry problems

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Proposal systematization of Police of the CR or an amendment to the emergency oil stocks in the middle of the holidays government cabinet ministers will discuss Petr Necas (ODS). Ministry of Transport boss Pavel Dobes (people) should also communicate to colleagues the news operation of the Central Vehicle Register.

With the number of police officers plan for the year 2013 came to the Straka Academy President Peter Less police already at the end of May. At that time, but all failed and the government's intention to return to the increase of 40,389 people on completion.

"The government imposed a Minister of the Interior that, by July 27 this year, made a comparative analysis with other countries," he said after a cabinet meeting last May, the Interior Minister Jan Kubice (nestr.). It was he who presented the ministers Lessyho work, even though he disagreed with her.

"The proposal was not based at all of any analytical basis. Why this number, 40 thousand? The number 40 000 to arrive at a certain time when budget cuts by a simple rule of three," said the then Prime Minister Necas.
Material according to Prime Minister lacked the structural changes. "For example, a greater emphasis on zcivilnění some positions within the police, those positions that are not primarily in the end of the service and have more utility or administrative character. There is not even necessary that the man sitting in a police uniform," he said.

"I did not answer the questions, if there is no chance to restore the hidden three-tier management system, the police, when the so-called territorial departments of the regional directorates can secretly change in the new district police headquarters," in May next calculated the negative Necas.

"Above all, we did not get answers to questions such as why neighboring Poland, a country nearly four times as great, the 100 000 police officers, and we do not 38 000. Why the same size Hungary has a lower number of officers than we do today. Therefore, among other things, awarded the comparative analysis, "concluded the Premier.

Design rationalization of police officers every year by law processes of police and government to approve it by his boss, then Minister of Interior. What numbers present Cabinet Interior Ministry on Wednesday, did not want to divulge before the meeting.

The government has also returned to the emergency oil stocks, which were addressed in early May. Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Cuba (ODS) originally proposed that these reserves have increased from 90 to 120 days and to pay the new oil tax.

The taxes that would more expensive liter of petrol and diesel by about 14 cents, but the Minister of Cuba in a revised version of a legislative proposal backed down. He left it only changes requested by Brussels and that the protection zone of storage facilities, pipelines and pipelines.

The amount of emergency oil stocks should remain even after the amendment to 90 days of average consumption in the Czech Republic. For at least a third of them have new law sets stricter rules.

Administration of State Material Reserves must then inform the European Commission on the quantity and composition of selected petroleum products, which hold a specific stock, and the period over which it will maintain.

Storage facilities, pipelines and oil pipelines have to have a standard buffer zone "as defined vertical surfaces guided in a horizontal distance of 150 meters on all sides of the layout of these facilities."

"Ministers are likely to also address the current problems of the Motor Vehicle Register," he told Reuters Jakub Stadler, Press Department of the government. To solve urgent problems of the database that even after more than two weeks of not going at 100 percent, has urged Transport Minister Paul Dobes (people) and Vice-Prime Minister Necas Carolina Peake (PEOPLE).

Another point is the security cabinet of experts in the supervisory boards of companies that own or owned by the municipality, county or state. The Government discussed the analysis of legislative action to ensure this condition, probably saved the ministers to develop a new law.

According to a prepared resolution should the government and finance ministers of the Interior to submit to the Government by 30September paragraphed text of the new law on the rules for the selection of experts as directors and members of supervisory boards of state enterprises and members of bodies corporate ventures with state and local governments.

Ministers will also be on the table three deputies' proposals. For example, public affairs lawmakers prepared another series of attempts to introduce equity returns. Social Democrats want to again cancel the initial medical examination of working arrangements. Finally, more than a quarter of the lower house of deputies from all sides wanted to introduce the obligation of public institutions and parastatal companies to disclose all of their invoices and contracts on the Internet.

Government will also examine a proposal to identify other activities of the Agency for Social Inclusion. Its operation should be between 2013 to 2015 within the structures of the Office of the Prime Minister to come to 38.5 million.This sum, however, does not appear to the Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek (TOP 09), under which no expense with this pre-counted.

After Wednesday's meeting Necas's cabinet will have two weeks off, will meet again to 15 August.

Kálal Jan, Jan Drahorád, Miroslav Kyncl,

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Nečasův kabinet projedná počty policistů, ropné rezervy i problémy registru vozidel

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