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Of the Town Hall had an analysis of the situation in water, revealed a number of deficiencies

Zlin (MEDIAFAX) - The management of the Town Hall has published the results of a thorough analysis of the situation in water supply in the Zlín region, which he processed by the audit firm. How agentuře Mediafax Zlin municipality spokesman Zdenek Dvorak, analysis revealed a number of shortcomings.

For example, the analysis resulted in the subordination of Water and Sewerage Company Moravian Zlín private water supply, lack of director, although occupancy of this position require the company statutes and disadvantages of certain conditions so-called operational model.

"The analysis helped us make sense of the complicated situation in which water and sewerage and water supply. Even on that basis we can take a number of important steps that lead to stabilization of prices of water and greater functionality of water supply and sewerage, which dominates the town of Zlin," said secondDeputy Mayor Ales Dufek (TOP 09/STAN).

The city, according to him rested in creating strategy, which now applies in the water and sewerage, as well as finding the current auditor. "They are made from a different perspective, which is an understanding of the situation in VaK very important," he explained.

The analysis is addressed in detail in the so-called operational model. Its essence is that in 2004 the company sold its Water and Sewerage Zlin for about 80 million all the furniture (machinery, offices, etc.) private companies Moravian Water. This company also moved most of the staff bag. Bag Company retained only property (sewer, water, sewage, etc.), which rented for approximately 70 million annually Moravian water. "This lease is currently single and insufficient, but guaranteed - income bag," said Dufek.

The current city administration has taken to improve the situation in Zlín, where people pay the most for water almost throughout the Czech Republic, a number of measures. Through his example VaK managed to push through changes that will contribute significantly to the fact that prices remain at current levels. Per cubic meter of water and sewage are now people in Zlínsko CZK 83.28 including VAT.

"We empower our society towards the Moravian VaK water, which is the main player in the water in the Zlín region and proposing changes in the amount of water and sewage. Because of this, we almost reached the freezing water at today's price level. If the price of water should change in the coming years, and only very slightly, and after state intervention, which may raise VAT, which we do not influence.I say this knowing that the price of water in the surrounding areas of the region in the near future will show some growth, "said Deputy Mayor second.

The fact that the price of water in and around Zlin in the coming years will not change significantly, as confirmed by the Moravian Water. "Suggest a price freeze is the responsibility of the pack, according to a contract for the lease and operation. Now it is up to us to seek ways to compensate for an increase in input prices, or even decline in donations during the economic crisis," said Bernard Martin, General Director of Water Moravian.

As part of strengthening the position of water and sewerage to the Moravian water will be in the shortest possible time to the appointment of the Director of this company, which it previously lacked. The company will also have its employees. "There is not.If something was needed to repair, performed for remuneration intervention workers Moravian water supply, "said Ales Dufek.

Water and sewerage systems alone will lead to new accounts. "Since 2004 it has pursued for this work was the Moravian Water. Which to us had no logic and justification," said Deputy Mayor Frederick Landsfeld (MOR).

Moravian Water respects both steps. "Until now our company to its know-how, personnel, technical and software facilities to provide qualified services and to the extent required immediately. It was a rational and economically feasible solution to a certain extent, applies a number of companies operating in the operational model. In the current situation - after a period of increased investment activity - the pouch is ready to take over gradually Zlin above agenda and provide them with its own employees, "said Bernard.

Another important consequence of strengthening the influence of water and sewerage systems is that the city will promote more investment in water and in the very near Zlín. And thanks to the fact that the bag will gradually decrease the amount of repayment obligations to the Moravian water supply and investment banks. "Together with the fact that the price of water will increase in coming years, it is at least partial compensation for the people of our city that are joint and several water and sewerage, therefore, that the water costs the same as in other cities and municipalities of Zlín, although they are higher production costs, "said Dufek.

According to the Moravian water supply is a priority in the near complete drainage Zádveřice community, it is a cost of around 20 million.It also intends to invest in business property, resulting in higher quality maintenance of water supply network, ensuring a better alternative drinking water supply to residents in search of hidden leaks improved water and sewer systems will also allow monitoring or even remote control of objects. "This year we want to invest in the Zlín region around twenty million," said Bernard Martin.

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