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INTERVIEW - Andrej Babis: we shoot the breeze and I am not lying, but I'm talking about bad

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Chairman of the Holding Company Agrofert Andrej Babis from Wednesday is also chairman of the movement Yes 2011th The agency Mediafax answered questions about their business connections with politics and the new regional weekly, but also about how the Michaela Jílková not hold in the televised debate.

Red.: What impact will the 2011 Yes, that's in the Bureau are two members of the Board Agrofert? How does this link work? It can mean for you and some program objectives, such as support for agriculture?

AB: From the beginning I declared that certainly not going to give movement to the other managers Agrofert. Mr. (Jaroslav) Faltýnek Agrofert is the only employee who is active and there is a man who helped me from the beginning because it has many years experience in municipal politics.And of course, Mr. (Richard) Brabec, manager movement in this country long ago worked, then left the group and returned to the movement as a manager from another company.

I think it will have no effect. Today's assembly was for me very interesting and imaginative, just because the election of the President stood up and said one delegate, if my person is a journalist for a very good goal. He said if he should be the Chairman, Mr. Faltýnek or someone else.

Originally, we also have eight members. But because we were not able to afford the last two, we had three or four wheels, which fought each other four candidates. So, ultimately, reduce the number of council vice, even under the pressure of this press conference (starting in 13 hours), to six.

Red.: Doing business in the media business. Reflected some of your political activity in the weekly 5 +2 days? Can you guarantee in this respect the editorial independence?

AB: It is admirable that Mr. (Vladimir) Junger (director of the issuing company AGF Media) stand here for five months a new company from scratch. Incidentally, this is another example of Agrofert employs people, specifically the 190 working journalists, a hundred people in the marketing and the company today has 322 people. Today completed the 77 different mutations.

If you follow or get the weekly, which is free every Thursday, so you have to say that the journalists write what they want. I said I do not have any effect. And it is certainly not a project that is linked to political movements. It is a project which is important because it is a regional issue. If there is any advertising, and is normally paid.

We are of course problems in the movement, because we sympathize with our district managers and swear, why not promote movement and that there can not say what they want. But we vydiskutovali. Journalists who work here have previously been in Seven, VLP (publisher's Diary), the economic newspaper or Young Front Today. There's nothing better than to call them and check it if there was something called Babis. It does not say anything.

I'm just saying to Mr. Yugra either ensure that the Czechs read weekly and to have interesting content. It's about a life where people live, it is not a boulevard. 77 mutation is a super power. Of course it is costly project. From the beginning we knew that we subsidize it, but the goal is that by 2015 we would like to cover costs.

Red. : Did you talk about your problems with journalists. In their statements usually quite sharp, some of his inflammatory speech, then you take back and apologize for them. Now plan to revise this practice and influence in the political movement to relieve it?

AB: In my experience with journalists I talked about history. Mr. (Jaroslav) in Respect Spurný I sued six times. Finally, we are down here (in the complex Agrofert) sat down, I showed him 40minutový speech in the parliamentary commission for Unipetrol, which no newspaper in the Czech Republic has never been published.

I'm talking about the media. I'm talking about how I was at (Wenceslas) Moravec, looked at that 750 000 people, and for the first time I was in the news, while Peak is there from morning till evening. When picked up one thousand signatures, so it ran on CT, but from today morning on CT was not written, it is a Yes.For the Czech television we have taboos, there are not.

When the Euro, which is the most corrupt in my weekly newspaper in this country and makes the cases to the order, wrote that I estébák, so it ran everywhere. But when I filed an action in this matter, it was nowhere.

I have no problem with the media, hiding behind the speaker. I am not afraid of the media. If I did not clean the table and going and do not stand here before you and I would not do what I do.

Red. I am asked more your style, which has often confrontational, for example on the show floor is yours.

AB: Yes. With Mr. (Peter) Mach we had unfinished business. It's a demagogue and fanatic, who says that we withdraw from the European Union. Mrs. Jílková said whether he takes the floor. So I took it.

If Mr. (Joseph) Stehlik says he is a farmer, but it is the central Bohemian tluchořovsko topolánkovská-ODS, so I say the truth. You do not want to hear. Truth annoying. And we are where we were under the communists. Something called the top people in pubs and say something else. But I say straight. And it is a mess, huh?

For Jílková I missed. I'm not trained. Will I never learn to speak like (Bohuslav) Sobotka (CSSD), sleeping snakes. Speak, speak, and what of it? I do what I say, I do. For example, I built this building for 400 mega.

I told weekly newspaper, is here. I said the movement, so go ahead, we do. I do not lie and shoot the breeze. But talk about bad.

Jan Kálal,

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