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On-line investment to attract more investors

The volume of assets managed by members of the Association of Capital Market in the Czech Republic since 2004 has increased almost fivefold. Growth of the Internet raises awareness of Czech investors and their interest in investing and growing year by year. And despite the crisis.   What are the main advantages of online investing?

Growth of the Internet has revolutionized nearly all areas of human activity. Similarly, this is in finance. Let's look at it from the perspective of investment. Ever, access to information as fast and cheap as it is today? When analyzed in the past now easier than using Excel and other analytical software? And most importantly, when it was easier and cheaper to buy or sell an investment?   Whether it comes to setting up a savings account or term deposit in Internet banking, purchase of shares, currencies, commodities through online broker or buying and selling mutual funds online.

"The time is faster and the person looking for a logical time most effective way of dealing with, whether it be the normal things like paying bills or bills, where the use of internet banking completely standard. Seeing a similar trend in our industry - the collective investment and mutual fund management, "said Alexander Hájková Director of marketing and product management company CP INVEST.

According to the Association of Capital Market Association (CCMA), the amount of assets invested by members of the Association has increased from about 170 billion CZK in 2004 to CZK 809 billion at 31 Third 2012th   Of these CZK 809 billion is invested in mutual funds about a quarter of the volume.

"One of the standard products, respectively. services that we offer to our clients is just internet control shareholder asset account - the service INVEST CP Online Plus. As in the case of Internet banking, here the client has full access to your account majetkovému where it can monitor the progress of your current portfolio, and of course make any transactions - purchases, redemptions or transfers, "Hajkova said.

That if the investor decides to trade directly or through funds, depends on his capabilities and abilities. Some prefer to themselves implement their investment plans and ideas, and want to have a broader view of investment. They invest directly. People investing in mutual funds again prefer the fact that they do not watch the financial markets on a daily basis and studying financial statements of the company. Rather entrust their money to professionals who have extensive analytical support teams. One of the main tasks of the mutual fund is diversification. The Fund is a way for small investors with limited resources suitable choice "as to not have all your eggs in one basket."

Many Czechs still trusted on-line applications, and even the Internet itself. Especially in the case of financial transactions. Speaking about "technical safety online investment," Hajkova says: "When choosing your investment partner, I mean a company with which I invest and which platform I use is obviously crucial credibility, reputation, stable market position, background. In short, the factors that make me as a small investor ensure that working with a partner whom I can trust. In our application, we have not seen even one case of abuse, and that at a time when almost every new shareholder trades with us via the Internet. '

On the other hand, it is necessary to realize the immense advantage of benefits that online access allows. Mainly time and information.   The development of information technology is trying to use another financial institution to better communication with your client. For example, CP INVEST in May as the first investment company operating on the Czech market, has launched a mobile application for clients who wish to have information about their investments constantly within reach. Thus, they have a constant overview of the present values ??of mutual funds in which they invest, they can set up different "notification" that the shareholder notifies the increase or decrease in value of the fund at a certain level and other information. 'Despite the fact that the current version is intended primarily to our existing shareholders, we are two months after starting a download over 1000, as evidenced by the popularity of investing through new channels, "concludes Hájková.

Michal Valentík

Michal Valentík

He worked as a senior broker and proprietary trader, now is the main investment strategist investment ČP INVEST. He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, majoring in finance and economic theory. Completed internships at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg. In his articles and analysis mainly deals with the latest developments in the capital markets, investment and economic theories. In his spare time he enjoys rock climbing.

INVEST CP Logo Společnost, as, together with the parent Czech insurance company, as part of an international financial group Generali PPF Holding BV, Which operates in 14 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, where it serves more than 13 million clients and manages assets of over 15 billion euros.

CP INVEST provides services in the field of collective investment schemes. The basic offer investors consists of 12 mutual funds held in CP INVEST CZK, which are designed for a wide range of clients. CP INVEST is also the exclusive worldwide distributor of EUR Generali PPF Invest funds. Management of the Fund's portfolio and CP INVEST Generali PPF Invest entrusted Generali PPF Asset Management, which has a very strong analytical background and is the largest manager of investment in the Czech Republic.

Michal Valentík

Michal Valentík

Působil jako senior makléř a proprietary trader, nyní je hlavním investičním stratégem investiční společnosti ČP INVEST. Vystudoval VŠE v Praze se specializací na finance a ekonomické teorie. Absolvoval stáže na Hongkong University of Science and Technology a Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. Ve svých článcích a analýzách se zabývá především aktuálním vývojem na kapitálových trzích, investováním a ekonomickými teoriemi. Ve volném čase se věnuje horolezectví.

Logo ČP INVESTČP INVEST investiční společnost, a. s., je spolu s mateřskou Českou pojišťovnou, a. s. součástí mezinárodního finanční skupiny Generali PPF Holding B.V., která působí ve 14 zemích střední a východní Evropy, kde poskytuje služby více než 13 miliónům klientům a spravuje aktiva ve výši přes 15 miliard euro.

ČP INVEST poskytuje služby v oblasti kolektivního investování. Základní nabídku investorům tvoří 12 podílových fondů ČP INVEST vedených v CZK, které jsou projektovány pro široké spektrum klientů. ČP INVEST je zároveň celosvětově výhradním distributorem EUR fondů Generali PPF Invest. Správa portfólií fondů ČP INVEST i Generali PPF Invest byla svěřena společnosti Generali PPF Asset Management, která disponuje velmi silným analytickým zázemím a je největším správcem investic v České republice.

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