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Markets  |  August 08, 2012 16:48:31

Republic - the sum of 8.8 - Focus on CEZ and HC2 sales dampened the mood for banks

The Prague Stock Exchange, while maintaining normal activities during the last few days of growth slightly corrected earlier this week and followed a similar and external developments. European shares rise today was interrupted by some výsledkovým reports that fell short of estimates, and also worse than estimated due to macroeconomic news from Germany confirming the overall cooling of the economy in this country by extension, throughout Europe and worldwide.

On the home front now faced each other slightly increasing shares of CEZ and HC2 and falling banks, led by Erste.
The remaining shares HC2 only last month in the decisive date for the payment of dividends and judging by the volume of transactions the company itself is still active on the buying side. The title closer to the contact distances to the 400 CZK.
KIT digital's shares continue to trade in a highly volatile when the favorable reviews the adoption of two new directors to the governing bodies of the company replaced the fear of tomorrow's results for Q2. Accurately estimate their amount is extremely difficult, the market expects a more negative surprises.
Today, CME shares as fast as before, have received much advice from the bullish analysts KB. On the contrary, failed to PMCR shares.

Daily comments:
Breakfast-stock 8.8 - Rating outlook of Greece, ...

Conclusion Exchange August 8, 2012 16:28
Name Course Change Volume Yesterday
AAA 18.45    -0.48% 0.00 million 18.54
CETV 103.17    1.33% 1.28 million 101.82
CEZ 716.31    0.04% 194.71 million 716.00
ERSTE BANK GROUP 375.81    -1.34% 59.63 million 380.90
FORTUNA 95.98    0.57% 0.00 million 95.44
KITD 64.41    -2.41% 3.10 million 66.00
COMMERCIAL BANK 3693.03    -0.72% 353.35 million 3720.00
NWR 95.56    -0.45% 6.78 million 95.99
ORCO 50.85   0.91% 0.08 million 50.39
PEGAS NONWOVENS 447.01    0.32% 4.99 million 445.60
PHILIP MORRIS CR 11190.30    -0.97% 1.42 million 11300.00
TELEFÓNICA CR 397.95    0.34% 104.55 million 396.60
UNIPETROL 169.01    -0.29% 1.84 million 169.50
VIG 807.28    -0.27% 3.24 million 809.50
TOTAL   734.96 million

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ČR - souhrn 8.8. - zájem o ČEZ a TO2 tlumil prodejní náladu na bankách

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