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What most threatens the family finances? - Debt, poor money management and infidelity

Czech households have still significant reserves within a reasonable handling of finances. More than a third of them are in danger of debt trap. The most common reasons are excessive outstanding debt management, savings held in inappropriate financial products, and surprisingly one of the partners of infidelity. According to a survey of the era.

"Not very satisfactory state of finances in the Czech households is also often caused by lack of interest of both partners of the joint management of money," said Ales Pospisil, Executive Director of the Control Segment Postal Savings Bank, stating that according to a survey of the Czech family using the following models:

·          Everything is our - this model uses 37% of households, is very open model in which, the family considers all funding for the joint and use only one account.

·          Mine is my - strictly separate management system, which is typical for partners or multiple marriages and it works 41% of Czech households.

·          Together the two accounts - a model that is rather unusual, arises from the historical, or safety reasons and the Czech Republic it uses 13% of households.

As it turned out, even within families are mostly soloists and Czechs do not like the money they earn themselves, divided. "It creates a feeling that they can deal with their money as they see fit, which is sooner or later the household as such devastating effect, since it vanishes for the family an important element of empowerment," warns Dr.. Martin Neprašová.

The most common aspects that threaten the financial balance of the family, the debt (for the last year, the CNB increased the number of personal bankruptcies nearly doubled), the fact that families do not have against unexpected expenses or income loss reserve (which should ideally move at six monthly income) and savings held in inappropriate financial products that they do not provide an adequate return. "Another reason, when the balance of family finances will be in danger, but also surprisingly proved infidelity of one partner," said Ales Pospisil. According to the survey concerned 40% of Czech households. Although unfaithful partners seek to their "maiden" to save, the cost of reaching a mistress or lover considerable amounts.Payments for phones, gifts, restaurants, cultural events or even private, such as asylums for lovers, guest houses or hotels, most often at around 2,500 crowns a month. "Infidelity can be an important sign of quality and balance of family finances, since represents half of the expenses that Czech households spend on average on food and housing, "warns Ales Pospisil. Even individuals who are in their relationship mimopartnerský spend at least, reaching annual spending for adultery amount over 20 000 crowns, for which we can take a foreign trip for two people.

The only possible way to balance the family finances, control, and while not disturbing the fragile mutual suspicion partner trust, the following shows:

·          As an optimal model of family finances, from this perspective shows "All our"

·          The Joint Account shall include all common expenses (rent, electricity, gasoline, meals for children, etc..), While the private hobbies of the partners each month prearranged amount reserved

·          Any unplanned cash withdrawals from the account should be approved by both partners

·          Although the statement of account most goes to the address or e-mail one of the partners should be accessible for inspection and the other one

·          Partners must be familiar with all of its income to avoid delaying exceptional income off joint account

Era and the PSB are trademarks of the Czechoslovak Commercial Bank, as

Susan Kalátová, spokesperson Postal Savings Bank


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