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Interview: The growing activity of the elements should not be underestimated

Also, you really mischief during July weather? You are the victim of even some of July's storms? The damage left behind by the July weather and how it's all the elements in the insurance industry, the things we talked with Eva Svoboda from the insurance company UNIQA.

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car;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; "> In July, we pretty mischief weather turns hot when tropical storm very strong, and they sometimes enough to cause serious damage. From the perspective of insurance is therefore probably not a very quiet summer.

Exactly, this summer is definitely in terms of insurance cucumber season. However, it was more or less in this year's first major activity of natural elements with a wide intervention. But the truth is that such a "wave" in recent years, occurs repeatedly.

How would you assess the July raging elements?

font-stretch: normal;-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; "> we have seen worse event, whether it was a great flood or hurricane. Elements on one side again confirmed the well-adjusted insurance justification and on the other hand, have examined the readiness of insurance companies to settle claims of clients even during the traditional summer storms had caused damage dovolených.Červencové so far in the estimated total of around 760 million crowns. Total reported more than 16,000 individual claims. More than three-quarters while seemed on private property, namely, residential and recreational facilities, and home or vehicle. corporate clients were less affected this time. However, extensive damage incurred in agriculture.

Absolute number of damage elements as well as long-term damage being done to grow them, what do you think of trying to protect the most important property of citizens?

Preventing damage to its limits, of course, but regular and proper maintenance and safe storage of objects of different subjects are of course the best prevention. In addition, it is important to a reasonable assurance, not only from the perspective of the impending risks, and cover any damage caused by the elements we consider paramount, but also in terms of sums insured. It is important to realize that the sum insured should be in the extreme case where a similar event will come across a client such as furnishings, guaranteeing the possibility of acquiring a comparable background, what had before. It is therefore important to regularly update contracts. People should think of insurance, recreational facilities, which are now insured in CR less than 40%.

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As for prevention, business in this direction and some steps insurance companies themselves?

Of course. Even with the growing activity of elements in recent years, these events must be carefully analyzed and generalized for risk management. Recently, for example, insurance companies began to work with more detailed flood maps, where it is captured and a large projection of water on smaller and smaller streams. Specifically, our UNIQA introduced in 2009 MeteoUNIQA free service.The client sends an SMS alert with information about the upcoming weather with precision for the specified ZIP code, namely the type of weather and time of its arrival in the locality. Early warning allows you to take preventive measures or reschedule the program, and thus avoid the risk of damage to health or majetku.V the first ten days of July as follows UNIQA sent in advance a total of 234,000 short text messages to mobile phone clients. In regions where storms repeated in quick succession, customers receive an SMS warning repeatedly, always with the expected arrival time and duration of extreme weather. Clients confirm that the reports reflect reality. MeteoUNIQA Service now uses the 55,000 UNIQA clients who have registered postcode of residence or secondary residence.


Which of the elements in the Czech Republic responsible for most damage?

So far, the most devastating floods of 1997 and 2002. Also caused extensive damage Hurricane Kyrill in early 2007. The last time was disastrous and large hail in August 2010, which raged mainly in Prague and its surroundings, in the most densely populated area. It lasted only a few minutes, but left behind him the trigger for almost 2 billion.

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Observe any long-term changes in the attitude of the Czech population to insure your property?

No dramatic change in attitude or trend waves yet registered. The truth is that after major floods from time to time interest in the property insurance increased, but faded relatively quickly. People still base their insurance rather underestimated. They feel that if nothing has happened in recent years or decades, or endanger them anything tomorrow. They tend nepřipouštět to certain risks and agree to the sum insured is too low. They would if they were not enough damage to make up losses.

font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal;-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; "> In contrast to what residents of the Czech Republic yet to catch up?

Build on the answer: do not underestimate the potential risks, although at the time of contract negotiation seem unlikely. Set realistic sum insured, in case of damage to really help solve the difficult situation effectively. Update insurance policies every three to five years, agreed to the conditions and performance match the current state. Remember insurance recreational facilities, which have in the CR the most per capita in Central and Eastern Europe.

Thank you for the interview

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