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The best and worst investment since the beginning of the credit crisis and the 3 arguments to support growth stocks

Last week reminded the world of the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the mortgage crisis, whose consequences affect the world economy today. Jim Reid of Deutsche Bank on the occasion of the chart compiled by the overall performance of individual asset classes over a period of five years. Best thanks to the growth of recent months was maize, other walls are stable but "safe" investments - gold and silver.

In the first ten we find for example the German, British and U.S. government bonds, of course, are at the bottom periphery countries share the euro area. The sixth from the end of the crouching Chinese shares.

Investment performance since the beginning of the mortgage crisis

9th August 2007: The Day the world changed
9th August 2007: The Day the world changed

Exactly five years ago, 9 August 2007, BNP Paribas froze three of its funds that have not been able to determine the value (without) the securities in its portfolio. It was a CDO, collateralized debt obligations, ie, in which the troubled U.S. mortgage hiding. BNP Paribas is ...

3 arguments for stocks

David Bianco, a traditional bull stock of Deutsche Bank, also rushed to the defense of investment in shares. Rather than return to their own shares in the current perspective focuses on the profitability of firms. American ones, according to him because they can make money faster than GDP growth of the country, which like many others opposedopinion, Bill Gross.

"Higher corporate profits of the S & P 500 may rise faster than long-term U.S. economy, thanks to three basic factors," Bianco wrote to clients. Which factors matter?

First Lower interest rates and debt financing.

Second More and more companies are part of the profits from abroad.

Third Growth technology sector.

According to Bianca is a regional division of the profits of American companies a major argument for it to investors in American stocks nezaobírali only the domestic economy and problems of the euro area.

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