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FOCUS: Overview of the presidential candidates in 2013 elections

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Over ten political leaders will be in the first round of the presidential election bid for the favor of voters and office head of state. In addition to party candidates, citizens will have the choice of a number of public figures is, if it succeeds in time to collect all 50 000 signatures for a petition.

Simply speaking, that the presidential elections may apply to any Czech citizen, who was already 40 years old and gets more than 50 000 signatures for his "nomination" petition. His candidacy has reported a total of 14 candidates.

Among the first was Premysl Sobotka, the candidate of the ODS. In the primaries got more confidence in their partisans before MEP Tosenovsky Eugene. Sobotka, according to Prime Minister Petr Necas and ODS clear and readable policies, whose consistent views of all they know.The current first deputy chairman of the Senate wants to launch an intensive campaign of the election together with the counties and one third of the Senate, but now says he pays such a meeting with voters. Sobotka also said that the financing of his campaign will be transparent, "bear the brunt of the ODS, but of course we all headed to me to raise sponsorship money for the campaign. I will not do transparency, but no major election issue, it is commonplace. No sponsors at this I do not have time. "

His rival will Jiri Dienstbier, who struggles to Prague Castle sent the opposition Social Democratic Party. Dienstbier had no opponent in the party, even though some party members wanted a candidate of its former chairman Milos Zeman. Dienstbier considers it important that Czech politics took place in a fair competition without klientelistických and corrupt connections.It is also important, he said involvement of the Czech Republic to the European integration. In the case of an election campaign is careful and hopes they will spend less than the planned limit of 40 million crowns for the first round and ten million for the second round of elections.

Total seamlessly to his adept government chose the TOP 09, which at its congress last October, the party candidate elected smoothly Karel Schwarzenberg. Voting on resolutions Party candidate for president delegates included on the agenda until after the beginning of October the Assembly, not in the original schedule. "Presidential elections are a year and a half, but it's not such a long time the public had to submit our proposal on the most suitable candidate," said the then first deputy chairman Miroslav Kalousek TOP 09. He recalled that a similar debate is taking place in all parliamentary parties, which often do not agree on one name."The situation is different in TOP. We did have one name, but we waited for his decision," said Kalousek. The fact that the presidential elections actually take part, officially informed the Bureau Schwarzenberg before the intra-day option.

Great chance perhaps greater than the above mentioned surveys but politicians attach a pair of former prime ministers. A great chance to reach the second round of elections is John Fischer, the former chairman of the caretaker government. Thanks to its petition campaign officially began ninth July. He stressed that the Czech Republic will offer as president of the amendment and consolidation of representative democracy. "The situation really calls for substantial change rather than revolutionary change, but evolutionary. I am convinced that direct presidential election on this change opens the door. Not worth me no political party that does not mean that to me is not worth the political experience," said Fischer.His campaign is said to be financed transparently. He refuses money political parties and state and parastatal companies, prefers donations of individuals.

Considerable chances agency also credited former prime minister Milos Zeman. The man opened his presidential office (like Fischer) and started to invite people who create a team for a presidential campaign. It now has but some names that should be appearing in it, for sure. "Mynář Breslau, president of the Party the rights of citizens, and Vladimir Krulis, a presidential campaign manager," he said. The president as a bolt between the government and opposition.

The women reported the nomination yet known cloverleaf media by representatives of more tender sex. The Prague Castle would like to see John Bobošíková, President of SBB."If the direct election of the president, so my party to fight for the president sends," she said in January this year. The party has, she says, defending the interests of the Czech Republic and not the European Union.

Also endorsed the candidacy of MEP Zuzana Roithová (KDU-CSL). She began collecting signatures for his candidacy for president in mid-July. The main reason why Roithová entered the battle for the presidency is that, according to the policy of the Czech fading interest in humans. "I wish we were proud patriots of their country, we can distinguish patriotism from nationalism," she said in February at his candidacy announcement. The central slogan of her campaign is a man. C as the Czech Republic, as humanity, L, O as a liability, as in all, E and K as Europe as a Christian democracy.

Recently, a similar step is resolved Tanya Fischer also an actress who does not intend to limit his activity in civic movements and charity. We will continue even during his candidacy in the advent of the concerts. "I considered it a long time, but I do not want to procrastinate," Fischer told Reuters that motivate the choice of letters and emails from her supporters. "They push me a lot of people. I would not go into it. But if you collect fifty thousand signatures, so go for it. Of course, that when nenasbírají and happily return to my life," she explained.

The president will also seek attorney Klara Samkova, known for its original stance on some social issues. Announced his candidacy recently in early August on its Web site. "Running for president," read the headline post on your site Klara Samkova"No, it's not a joke. I'm serious. My friends think it seriously. And surprisingly, even my enemies meant it. Things that should be mentioned, must be spoken ....," says the website known Czech attorney.

Get one of the highest constitutional offices would also like Vladimir Franz. The idea was not born to stand in his head, nodded to offer their supporters. "The president should be able to name things, phenomena, because it is an institution, then such name shall have general weight. President should be a last resort and also the auspices of the citizens and their depths safety. It is the same as when children play in the park and know that parents are nearby, "said Franz, as he presents the role of head of state. He admitted that the nomination itself is not yet certain. A few weeks before the site Facebook was born Vladimir Franz president.The petition for his candidacy in the direct election of the president is not yet begun to collect signatures.

You already collects on the contrary other contender for the presidential post - Workers' Party chairman Tomas Vandas social justice. The campaign began at the end of April. "The campaign against the regional elections scheduled I have about 80 meetings, at which I will also talk about his candidacy for president," said the head of DSSS. The main theme of his presidential campaign will be in his assessment of the current state of Czech politics wants to point out the challenges the country faces, and their possible solutions.

Page of free citizens to fight for the presidential post sent Ladislav Jakl. Signatures for a petition under the current presidential secretary Single collect from mid-July."We believe it is not only an able politician, but also a strong personality with the ability to successfully promote the interests of the Czech Republic," said party chairman Petr Mach. "The party of free citizens profess the same values ??and ideals as me. We are for the man and his freedom, that's what I want to contribute," Jakl said.

Seat of Czech kings and presidents would want to inhabit the former head of Poldi Kladno Vladimir Stehlik. "Yes, I want to participate in direct elections, and I began to collect signatures," he told Reuters in February of a former captain of the Czech industry. According to his words, has all the qualities that should be the future president, also thinks he has a chance to collect the necessary 50,000 signatures required for candidacy official. "Of course I do not know if I can get enough signatures, but I will try.I can not predict anything, but absolutely fulfill all the conditions for it to be able to participate in the candidacy, "he said, adding that the support would be sought in particular for workers and entrepreneurs.

Group of candidates being closed Vladimir Dlouhy. That the 90 years belonged to the political elite and participated in the government led by former Prime Minister and current President Vaclav Klaus. He was no longer representative of the defunct right-wing parties ODA, later had opinions close to the ODS. At the time of its greatest glory was the government three years the most popular politician in the country. The ultimate policy of Long finished in mid-1997, resigned as Deputy Minister and began working as an economic adviser, investment company such as Goldman Sachs and is also a member of the National Economic Council.

The Czech Republic will choose the president for the first time ever a direct line. President Vaclav Klaus, the current mandate ends in 2013. Candidate can become the person you support of 20 deputies, 10 senators or 50 thousand citizens.

Martin Tyblova,

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