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Warsaw Pact troops crossed the borders of Czechoslovakia at eleven o'clock in the evening

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - At the stroke of 23.00 exceeded the 20th August 1968 troops USSR, Poland, East Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria border of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. At 23.30 Soviet Ambassador Stepan Chervonenko visited President Ludvik Svoboda and told him that the troops of five countries crossed borders.

23.40 The Prime Minister Oldrich Cernik announced at the meeting of the Bureau of the CPC arrival occupiers. At midnight, the tower controller was ordered to Ruzyne airport, an airport may not receive or tell flights. On Wednesday, 21 August at one in the morning the Bureau of the CPC Central Committee approved the majority of the four (Bilak, Kolder, Rigo, Plum) text Proclamation to all the people of Czechoslovakia.

Invading troops formed in the first sequence 100,000 troops, 2,300 tanks and 700 aircraft. Gradually, however, has grown to 750,000 troops, 6,000 tanks, 2,000 guns and 800 aircraft. Occupying troops, however, this number remained in the territory of a few months and the fourth November they left Czechoslovakia nesovětské all units. Russians in Czechoslovakia left five land divisions and one division of the Air Force. They have remained in Czechoslovakia until July 1991.

Of crossing the border invading troops according to the latest data of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes killed a total of 108 Czechoslovak citizens, about 500 people were seriously injured, hundreds of other people suffered minor injuries.

At the beginning of the invasion of people in some places in the country have found that something is happening when the Rumble woke massive air volumes, which were aimed mostly at Prague.At half past one in the morning announcer Vladimir Fiser started in radio broadcasting arouse and encourage listeners to not turn off the radio, wake your neighbors and wait here for important information to be broadcast in the near future.

The first official report on the occupation of the citizens got for almost three hours after the invasion of the 21st August at 01.55 from radio broadcasts. The announcer read a statement of the Central Committee: "Dear listeners, stay with their receivers, stay Remain at their receivers, for a moment, we will send an extremely important message." After a moment's pause he continued: "Dear listeners, we send special proclamation Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia."

In the appeal it was said: "all the people of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, yesterday on August 20, 1968 around twenty-third hour exceeded troops of the Soviet Union's Republic of Poland, the German Democratic Republic, the Hungarian People's Republic and the Bulgarian state border of the Republic of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Happened without the knowledge of the President, the National Assembly, the Prime Minister and First Secretary of the Central Committee and the authorities. During these hours meetings of the Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and dealt with the preparation of XIV. congress party. Bureau of the Central Committee calls upon all citizens of our country to remain calm and not asking advancing troops resistance. nor why our military, security and people's militia did not get the order to defend the country.Presidium considers this act as not only contrary to all the principles of relations between socialist states, but a denial of the basic norms of international law. All senior officials of the state, the Communist Party and the National Front remain in their positions to which they were as representatives of the people and the elected members of its organization by the laws and other rules applicable in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Constitutional authorities immediately convened session of the National Assembly, the Government of the Republic and the Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee plenum convened to discuss the situation. Signed Bureau of the Central Committee. "

Soon, however, the command of Karl Hoffmann silenced transmitter, but we failed to turn off the radio on the phone.

Leaders of the government and the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia signed the 27th August 1968 in Moscow, the so-called Moscow Protocol. Approved of the Soviet invasion, Hungarian, Polish, East German, Bulgarian and Polish troops 21st August of the same year as "brotherly assistance" to prevent a counter-revolution in Czechoslovakia.

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