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The Government will address children's groups, consumer loans and skinheads in the police

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - At the Wednesday meeting of the government as a law that has set clear rules for the establishment and operation of groups of children as one of the alternatives of care for preschool children. Ministers also assess the EU to harmonize the conditions for consumer loans and preventing recruitment of skinheads to the city police.

Public kindergartens are overcrowded and private because most people can not afford their price. In addition, lack job opportunities for parents who would like to get after childbirth to work only part-time. Especially mothers, therefore, use up to four years' parental leave and stay at home with children, however would like to return to work sooner.

Such motivation is in short legislative proposal on child group, which the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA) expanded to 82 pages supplemented by a number of statistics, research and economic indicators.

"The main purpose of the proposed new regulation is a tool to create a baby-sitting and child care in the children's group, which will increase the availability of child care services and facilitate the participation of parents with young children in the labor market," said MLSA in the explanatory memorandum. "The parents are so you stay in touch with employment at the time of child care and progressive (re) integration into the labor process with regard to their strategy in reconciling professional, family and personal life," she added.

The kids could care only people with the education of a nurse, medical assistant, nurse, midwife, paramedic, social worker, social workerservices or kindergarten teacher. Or those who have a professional qualification nannies for children under compulsory school attendance.

Ceiling for one group of children has to be the legislative intention 24 children. One caregiver can take care of herself by a maximum of six children. Obtains the maximum number of two people, but only provided that no among children younger than two years. Otherwise, it must have at least one take on an adequate qualifications.

In addition to setting rules for who, and how many children will be able to group in child care, resort wants to support the interest of employees and employers in this service. First they get a tax credit of up to 14,400 crowns a year, others will be able to tax deduct part of the cost of installing and operating children's groups.The model calculates the MLSA example, with the tax costs for businesses could be 95,000 per annum for establishing and 86,640 crowns for the annual operation of a children's group.

The amendment to the municipal police of the Interior Ministry wants the government to leave consecrate a new definition of integrity and reliability. According to her, the officers will not be able to include people who participated in the movement, which clearly contributes to the suppression of the rights of people.

The standard also includes a section under which a police officer loses confidence at the moment will be regularly and intentionally participate in extremist actions or activities to be involved in movements that suppress human rights and freedoms, or to incite.

"Today, there are a few rather exceptional cases, a person employed as a police officer involved in activities and events organized by extreme right-wing organizations, such persons do not provide moral character nor guarantees civil tasks of the municipal police in accordance with the purpose of this institution and in accordance with the nature of the democratic rule of law, "the explanatory memorandum of the amendment.

To local police but they will no longer be able to get people who have committed an intentional crime, but had to face so over 15 years ago and at that time they were not allowed to get higher punishment than five years. In the last five years before joining the local police would then not allowed to commit a crime of negligence, if the content of the act was contrary to the mission of the police officer.

The amendment also allows you to send local police to other municipalities for helping during high-risk events such as fairs, dances or historical reconstruction.

Cabinet Petr Necas (ODS) is also an amendment to the law on consumer credit, which should ensure the same conditions for calculating the annual percentage rate of charge (APR) in all EU countries. Draft should facilitate the cross-border supply and demanded consumer loans.

The standard also responds to certain practices when the lease contract is not anchored nor right nor the obligation to buy the tenant hired thing at the end of the lease, but in the contract is the mere possibility of the landlord hired this thing to offer tenants to purchase.

Treatment also strengthens the principle of responsible lending and consumer protection practices of the creditor in advance allows for the possibility that the borrower may not be able to repay the loan granted and fails to secure the loan.

The creditor would in assessing creditworthiness must take into account both the current situation of the client, including its income and expenditure, and facts which may be based on information available at the time before the contract is concluded with a high degree of probability, expected (for example, the expected revenue from inheritance of the present proceedings, sale of real estate, cars, insurance benefits, etc.)..

The Act introduces the obligation for the consumer to get a contract and could withdraw without any penalty from the contract of consumer credit if, in the 14-day period from the conclusion of this contract has not been on the basis for the negotiation of consumer credit.

The Government further discuss a draft law on placing timber and timber products on the market. Standard should help in the fight against illegal logging and introduces a new product in the form of mandatory information on the sources and suppliers of timber and timber products.

The law provides so-called due diligence system that should provide access to information about the sources and suppliers of timber and timber products placed on the market for the first time, including information such as compliance with the legal provisions of the country of harvest, description and quantity of the product, country of origin and or region of the country and permissions for extraction.

Draft should help prevent the placing on the market of about 16 million cubic meters of illegally harvested timber on the EU market.

Ministers will again after a week deal with the amendment of the Act on Pharmaceuticals, which should ensure better control of counterfeit drugs and their side effects. It is part of an effort to re-start the control dispensing of certain drugs in the past associated with the central repository for recipes.

The amendment allows for storage space with the emergence registry supplying medicinal products with limitations. Under the law would fall between these drugs pseudoephedrine products, but also used in the treatment of subutex addiction. In this step, so register follows the repository.

A novelty is that the part of the patient will not write to the registry data from the citizen, but only the identification number under which it is maintained by the health insurance company. This, however, is usually personal identification number, which is considered to be sensitive information.If the patient is someone who does not have insurance in the Czech Republic, writes to register his name, surname and date of birth.

It just criticism collection of sensitive data de facto stopped functioning as a central repository of recipes controls dispensing of certain drugs and the State Institute for Drug Control even had to pay a fine of two million crowns of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

Jan Kálal, Jan Drahorád, Miroslav Kyncl,

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