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Lent to someone you five thousand? Probably lose them!

Members of the Senate returned the amendment of the Civil Procedure Code with a few comments, one of them related to the amount owed ??to five thousand. Now this money would be through an amendment to next year become virtually unenforceable. The Senate is proposing that creditors had the right to such claims costs.

'In practice, the amendment so adopted de facto mean that the debts to the amount of five thousand probably ceased to court to enforce. "Attention Mgr. Rostislav Blacksmith of free legal counseling poradnaveritele.cz "Money spent on a lawyer, all creditors from any action discouraged." In ymáhat receivables in the amount of five thousand, in such a case would be a waste of time and money. Smith claims.  

The Senate wants to award compensation for debts to five thousand

Discussion of the law of compensation cases caused vymahačských companies. They bought up small claims as fines or regulatory fees and they were primarily interested in obtaining the costs before the interest amount payable own often amounting to several tens or hundred crowns. That changed this spring when the amount of attorney fees fell by half. The Senate now wants to do even more vigorously and to all creditors with a claim to a grant of five thousand or crown. We rejoice that the debtors will not have one for a few bucks more money.However, the reality is not just black and white.

Costs include creditors

The first thing you need to realize that the costs are not a priori lawyer, but creditors. "It means that if the borrower can not pay the money voluntarily, visiting lawyer that will prepare you to take action and be represented in court. You lawyer for these services you must of course pay.At present you in such a case, the court granted the so-called costs. Pay the debtor and serves to cover the lawyer's fee, the lender recover the entire amount owed. If the money from the new year court stops admitting the lender to recover the amounts paid to the five thousand, because for legal services may pay more than they would for the debt. "Comments on planned changes Blacksmith.

Lend me five thousand?

Debtors at this time can rejoice. If the debt is less than five thousand, it is very likely that their case gets to court. Creditors to sue simply not worth it.

Pay for it mainly ordinary citizens. The problems have mostly tradesmen, single mothers and anyone who in good faith borrows a neighbor or a friend a couple of thousand to him for a while helped."Although this is probably an adjustment vymahačským directed against large companies, paradoxically, the so-called ordinary people feel the hardness of the amendment to the most." Warns Smith. "If someone put a deposit on a job or borrow roughly a quarter of the average net monthly salary, you will be the money in the family budget probably noticeably absent. If a similar situation in different variants repeats several times a year, we can assume that the debt spiral spin a lot of families to the fullest, without being in any way people behaved irresponsibly towards their finances. The debtor can laugh at them in the eyes and they become "involuntary sponsors" of people without scruples can exploit this amendment in a big way. "

They fail tradesmen?

Straight to the existential problems of the amendment can bring not only the family but also many small traders who often billed smaller amounts. And vice versa. It is very likely that after the adoption of the amendment, many people used the situation and stopped by to pay debts to the amount of five thousand or less programmatically.Even today, many borrowers default takes small amounts as a sport and assume that over a few hundred crowns creditors waved his hand. And often it is based on them.

There will be price increases?

Large companies such as transport businesses, financial institutions and various providers of telecommunications services in the future will have to establish or strengthen the legal department that will enforce corporate debt. Amounts owed to them by force is generally climb up to several million. The cost of such legal department, however, come at a cost, and this is likely to be reflected in the price of services. So eventually it will pay all of us.


If MEPs approve an amendment to the Civil Procedure Code with the observations they suggested the Senate, suddenly we get a few steps back. Amounts to five thousand remain largely unrecovered, which will only record the various scams and people accustomed to living on their own accounts.

On the contrary, the amendment may pay decent people since become the lender is very simple. Just pay a deposit craftsman, travel agency, which then fails to let you fix the TV, washing machine or any other item that you no longer issued or repair it instead of repair more damage etc..Cases, how to become a creditor and without that I do not loan any money to anyone, are numerous.

Senators, the amount of five thousand may seem petty and low, for most people, however, are not insignificant money that you can afford to lose. Everything will be decided in early September, when the House of Commons decides on the final version of the amendment.

Catherine Procházková
PR Director, Ad notate Ltd.

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