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We asked the banks to the biggest benefits of their mortgages. Here are

Are you thinking that you take a mortgage? Comparing mortgages based on interest rates can be very tricky. The slightly higher rate for you because it may mean extra services that can save you a lot of grief in the future. Or maybe you can eliminate it, never need adjustment rescheduling due to illness or loss of job? How about a fee for processing a mortgage? No fee you can easily compensate for a higher interest rate. Come with us and have a look at what they have to mortgage banks currently in their shop windows.

If you do then you'll want to compare offers from various banks, definitely try the overview mortgages portal, which you can find on this page:

So: What extra services can be enjoyed at various mortgage banks?

Czech Savings Bank

Czech Mortgage Bank offers clients a number of special benefits. Mortgage client receives no fee for processing. We provide online free valuation apartment directly at the branch. Mortgages provide up to 100% LTV and offer clients variability installments - the possibility of suspending repayment delay or changes in installments. The client can itself during the repayment period to determine the payment amount. We also offer the possibility of extra repayments during the fixed interest rate. When building allows you to quickly take money without invoices.

Mortgages currently offer a fixed interest rate of 3.04% with guaranteed benefits throughout the repayment period and a variable interest rate from 2.49%. If the client wants to refinance mortgage, which has a different bank, we have prepared for him a simple solution - do not substantiate the income or property and the new estimate advantageous interest rate guarantee him to a year in advance.

Mortgage Bank

Mortgage Bank has the widest range of mortgages, which can be completed via the Internet. In addition, the Mortgage Bank offers its clients the possibility of favorable credit insurance. Mortgage Bank is also able to guarantee free of charge to applicants for mortgage interest rate for up to 30 days.

Commercial bank

The flagship commercial bank is what extra services are concerned, Flexible Mortgage. The client has the possibility to reduce mortgage payments by up to 50%, re-use of emergency loan repayment of up to 20% of the loan, deferring the beginning of the loan up to 12 months, suspension of repayment for up to three months (not the principal or interest).


The client can get a mortgage with following services which make gets a discount on the interest rate of mortgage loan:

  • premium package IQ mortgage account (discount 0.35% pa)
  • payment protection insurance or risk Cardif insurance Allianz (discount 0.10% pa)
  • Allianz Insurance mortgaged property (discount of 0.05% pa)


No fee for providing a mortgage or loan account. Preferred are also the conditions of early repayment - free annual client can insert extra payments in the total sum of up to 20% of the annual principal. Over 20% of the annual principal then pay just 3% of the amount exceeding 20% ??of the annual principal.

Unicredit Bank

UniCredit Bank offers financing purpose and intent client neúčelového one mortgage loan at competitive interest rate.

UniCredit Bank also offers the possibility of under-free loan or hire an exceptional opportunity to 4x a year without charge, with the repayment amount is not limited.


George Starch, product manager at Volksbank even gave us a specific story that client's eyes looks like this:

I want to build a house, I'm co-owner and realtors to confess. I secured a mortgage through a mortgage advance and I promise no worries that I had no money on the property. Rates are GUARANTEED with discounts and have not spare for the implementation of payment protection insurance. Mortgage without worry of Volksbank I chose well. I know that I can draw on a proposal to register a lien FREE and annuity pay during pumping, no one else can not. Drawing without proof of invoices take it as a standard, but the fact that I and the revenues within INTERGENERATIONAL mortgages can help parents without shortening maturities, others have not. When I discovered that the standard is extremely installment of approximately 10% per year without a penalty fee was decided.Mortgage without worry and I recommended my brother who built 3 years ago, and so now he throws back REFINANCING own resources, with a grace period on principal repayment beginning 60 months. Was also satisfied with the option to take a more non-purpose loan for the implementation of large ornamental garden. Oh, and when arranging the loan is not paid for any services up front, but to come. "

Mortgages individual banks are therefore distinct from each other more than you might at first seem. When comparing mortgages is advisable to go to a more "in depth", you definitely worth it.

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