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Solid stock tip: diagnostic companies


Medical professionals typically rely on diagnostic tests for the identification and detection of deadly diseases such as HIV, kidney disease, hepatitis C, cancer, and malaria. This examination is for example sampling urine or a small piece of tissue is then possible to take a small amount of DNA / RNA to identify the type of disease. Due to steady increase in these diseases seems to be increasing profits for companies that are preoccupied with this diagnosis, virtually unlimited and these tests can these companies get income for many years to come.

In addition, testing of those patients who exhibit certain symptoms of the above diseases, more and more people undergo such examinations and DNA tests also due to prevention. This screening can help save lives before the disease breaks out, or before they are reported early symptoms. Furthermore, these tests are used in the determination of genetic diseases which can be treated before they occur.

Demand for these services, as already mentioned above continues to grow. It is estimated that by the beginning of 2014 should record a 11% increase. For investors, this is a fairly attractive returns in the following period. Due to high competition jeobtížné find the company that would be acceptable as an investment project.

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Infectious diseases occupy 60% of all tests performed in 2014 and should bring together these companies € 800 million. Even in other diseases, it is expected a significant increase compared to the previous period.

Among the companies focused on providing diagnostic tests of this type include Abbot Diagnostiks traded under Abbott Laboratories (ABT) and Rosetta Genomics (ROSG). First mentioned test procedures developed for use in hospitals, research institutes and clinics that help determine cancer, infectious diseases and examinations before transplant surgery. The second company has developed tests to determine lung cancer and cancer-related

When a patient undergoes DNA tests much less stress and pain than older types of examinations. Easier procedures should encourage more people to investigate and let the disease could thus be detected and identified much earlier. Despite this, they are much less expensive and would be available to a greater range of patients.

Another type of testing is the testing of urine. It is for the patients even less annoying than testing with blood tests or tissue sampling and also takes much less time. Over time, it becomes ever more sophisticated and prefers him more and more doctors. With the growing interest of pharmaceutical companies are increasingly developing test equipment that can extract DNA from urine.

Trovagene (Trove), for example, recently gained worldwide license for determining chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Over the years, more and more scientists have identified specific mutations in affected cells, which indicate specific types of cancer. With exclusive rights Trovagene is certainly an interesting company, if only because they do not need to worry too much about the fight with the competition and focuses its activities even more in other studies. Over the past year the company has demonstrated that in this industry it is a real tiger. Except for permission to study his SF3B1 also gained the ability to use MultiGen Diagnostics clinical laboratory with all the related activities and it has continued to expand. The company has also planned to establish cooperation with the University of Texas to develop and test the cancer of the pancreas.

Investors who are in their portfolios stocks of pharmaceutical companies and the industry should be preferred for this research also focus, as the future will be increasingly used. Further research and extension will take years, but either way it appears in the future as intrusive and accurate ability to identify virtually all diseases, despite the fact that it is already the talk of the fact that the human genome is entered and disease that have not even nepropukla and therefore could be absolute prevention.

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Solidní akciový tip: diagnostické firmy

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