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Investment experts: the greatest danger lurks on investors in safe assets

Do you think that you have your investments nicely tucked away in safe assets, which will protect you against the turbulence of the financial markets? Your situation might not be as rosy as you might at first appear, they are often just called safe investments, which now represent the greatest risk to investors losses. So you'd better check if your money will be better "clean up" somewhere else.

For the small investor is sometimes hard to see the forest through the trees and to estimate correctly the current situation on the financial markets. As an incentive to reflect on their investments can serve as outcome research portal , investment professionals that addressed the question: which currently has the largest asset bubble signs?

John Schiller, Conseq Investment Management

Very high interest in recent months enjoying government bonds of core Eurozone countries / Europe. In particular, those of shorter maturities, investors reward negative yield. In the event of a significant calming the situation, so their prices could be corrected. However, I would not call it a bubble. Czech government bonds also experienced this year a very positive price development.Due to the performance of the domestic economy, the state budget, the Ministry of Finance probable attempt to at least partially pre-finance and policy "crisis" but we expect stagnation or slight decline in their prices.

Francis Vobořil, AXA

Central banks currently successfully consume the bubble bonds. It may be even a few years still inflate. Until one day, but it bursts, it will be trouble.

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Gold, oil (undervaluation of currencies), partly the American stock market.

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The largest bubble marks recorded asset mistakenly regarded as risk-free, such as gold.

Lukas Vacha, Conseq Investment Management

0px; "> State Bonds so called safe havens. When investors little burr of fear of eurozone break-up, they will not be enough negative returns :-) This situation is sustainable on a large scale only a limited time. Opponents of this argument may argue the situation, while the last two years in Japan, it was, however, one case in the region and one item in the investment portfolio. This current situation is different.

Peter Žabža, Patria Direct, Inc.

Government bonds of Germany and the United States. Their yields at the short end is close to zero, which is in the long run absolutely untenable situation. Investors who buy these assets are secure and nominally as a safe investment, in my opinion, will be disappointed.

Michal Valentík, CP Invest

Shares. For the past two months due to reinforce verbal intervention Mario Draghi and the expectation that the Fed will further round of quantitative easing. Equity markets will hold the water too high expectations on the part of central banks.

Pavel Sobisek Unicredit Bank

Prices of U.S. Treasury bonds, core eurozone countries and the Czech Republic.

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U.S. Treasury bonds.

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Read what the experts think about the investment options in the U.S.:  

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