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CR - Unemployment in the Czech Republic in August remained at 8.3% July

In August, the registered unemployment rate in the Czech Republic remained at the July level of 8.3 percent. The total number of job seekers increased by 0.2 percent (1096) to 486 693rd The number of reported vacancies rose by 3.6 percent to 42,559, down is up by 1,801th Based on the monitoring of vacancies from the internet in August after adjusting for duplicates in the labor market offered another 42,600 job vacancies. According to the latest available data, the unemployment rate calculated by Eurostat for international comparison in July in the Czech Republic 6.6%, 10.2% in the EU27. Czech is thus still the country with the sixth lowest unemployment rate in the European Union.

Influenced the development of unemploymentcontinued increase in the total number of graduates, by 3621 to 24 663rd Number of young people below 18 years have decreased, but the number of graduates of schools of all levels of education has increased by 3941 to 20 333rd Of the total increase of graduates were 59% girls.

Decrease in the number of vacancies reported to the employment office in June and July was replaced in August, their re-growth. Vacancies in August rose by 1,466 to 42,559, down is up by 1,801th The vacancy falls 11.4 job seekers (11.8 in July). In September, we can expect the labor market stagnation, unemployment, even though the records will grow more graduates.

At 31 8th 2012 filed Czech Labour Office (LO CR) for its regional offices and their contact sites total 486,693 job seekers. Their number was about 1,096 higher than at the end of the previous month, compared to the same period in 2011 is higher by 5,158 people. Of this number, 472,120 candidates zaměstnání1 achievable. It was about 1,156 more than at the end of the previous month. Compared to the same period in 2011, their number increased by 6 the 152nd

In August were registered 42,443 persons. Compared to the previous month it was about 5,980 fewer people in comparison with the same period last year about 9,400 fewer people. The evidence in August left a total of 41,347 candidates (completed records, retirement applicants). It was about 3,935 more than in the previous month and by 14,545 persons less than in August 2011.Of them to work in the reference month enrolled 20,490 persons, ie about 606 less than the previous month and 12,810 fewer than in August of last year, 20,857 candidates were rejected without location.

Monthly increase in unemployment was recorded in 37 districts - the largest increase was in the districts of Benesov (4.5%), Rychnov over Kněžnou (4.3%), Pilsen-city (3.6%), Hungary and Fort hl. Prague (both 2.8%) and Kutna Hora (by 2.7%).

At the end of August filed LO CR 256 316 women. Their share in the total number of candidates was 52.7%. The register was 61,272 persons with disabilities, representing 12.6% of the total number of unemployed.

At 31 8th 2012 was recorded 24,663 graduates of all levels of education and youth, their number has increased compared to the previous month by 3,621 people in comparison to August 2011 was lower by 3,300 people. The total unemployment rate contributed 5.1% (July 2012 - 4.3% in August 2011 - 5.8%).

Unemployment drew 94,535 job seekers, ie 19.4% of all job seekers under registration (July 2012 - 18.9%, August 2011 - 23.2%).

The registered unemployment rate at 31 8th 2012 amounted to 8.3% (July 2012 - 8.3% in August 2011 - 8.2%).Unemployment rate higher than the national average showed 44 districts, the highest being in Most (15.7%), Bruntál (15.3%), Karviná and Usti nad Labem (both 13.7%), Chomutov and Decin (both 13, 6%) and Hodonín (13.1%). The lowest unemployment rate was recorded in the districts of Prague-East (3.4%), Prague-West (4.2%), hl. Prague (4.4%) and Mlada Boleslav (4.7%). The registered unemployment rate of men remained at 6.9% and females increased to 10.2%.

According to the latest available data, the unemployment rate calculated by Eurostat for international comparison in July in the Czech Republic 6.6%, 10.2% in the EU27. Lower than in the Czech Republic was in Austria (4.5%), Luxembourg and the Netherlands (both 5.1%), Germany (5.8%) and Malta (6.2%).Higher than the EU27 average in Cyprus (10.8%), Bulgaria (11.7%), Lithuania (13.2%), the Slovak Republic (13.6%), Portugal (15.3%), Ireland (15.4%) and Spain (24.3%). For Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Hungary and the UK data are not yet available (the latest available data for May or June 2012 were higher than the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic).

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LP filed a CR 31 8th 2012 total 42,559 vacancies. Their number was about 1,466 higher than in the preceding month and 1801 higher than in August 2011.In August it was reported or newly released 12,633 jobs and 11,167 vacancies were newly filled or canceled. On the one vacancy on average 11.4 applicants, the highest in the districts Bruntál (39.1), Trebic (38.1), Teplice (37.9) and Jesenik (34.6). Of the total number of reported vacancies was 3,082, suitable for persons with disabilities (people), one vacancy 19.9 OZP. Vacancies for graduates and young people were registered 6199, for one vacancy at 4.0 job seekers in this category.

Information on the development of unemployment in electronic form shall be published at http://portal.mpsv.cz/sz/stat.

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