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People in Prague and Central Bohemia knows from whom they borrow. In the regions, the situation is considerably worse

Prague and Central Bohemia is in the area of consumer loans the most educated. Safe creditor identifies 40% in Prague and Central Bohemia 36% of people. He pointed to another in a series of surveys implemented Navigator secure credit along with research company GfK. On the contrary, in the Highlands knows what is safe lender, only 9% of people and a lot better off not even Liberec Region (10.4%). Another survey thus shows the gaps in financial education in each region.

"It is clear that the greater the distance from Prague, the lower the level of knowledge of consumer finance," says Professor Michal Mejstřík behind the project navigator secure the loan, adding: "Our survey also showed that most people with usurers encountered in Zlin and Liberec, which declares that usurers are focused on that area of the smaller regional cities, where they have a greater chance of someone careless entice residents. "

People in the regions also too solve hidden fees. While the people confessed that bothered them hidden fees, most of them would simply not addressed. The Karlovy Vary Region is admitted to 7% of them in the South 12% and even 19% of Pilsen. On the contrary, the level of knowledge improved particularly in the area of ??contracts and penalties for early repayment of the loan. More than 85% of Prague citizens would not sign anything without it first before you read them. In other regions they insist on majority of at least two thirds of the population. The Liberec Region is the only exception in this respect, one tenth of people here do not solve the contract. At the same time in all regions, more than half of consumers active interest penalties for early repayment.Least responsible in this regard people of Pilsen, where the last 11% are not considered to be an important criterion when choosing a loan. Michal Mejstřík adds: "It is clear that the situation has improved in recent years. People are trying to be more interested in what you sign, it shows not only our survey to perfection but we are far. Still, there are guys in regions particularly, who carelessly fall for usurers and their sad story ends with the execution. "

The survey also shows that people in Moravia attitude to loan more reserved than people in the country. In the Region would have easily lent to 40% of the local population, while in the Olomouc region just over a quarter, and Moravian even a fifth of the population. Most people credit finance household items (furniture, etc.) - in the Liberec region, more than half the population in Central Bohemia 45%. My favorite is also the purchase of a car on credit, it will use in South Moravia 40% of people in Prague would turn more than a third of people using loan funds to improve your health. In the least economically strong regions in Moravia and the Usti Region, people loan deals primarily ensure the normal operation of household, or their desperate financial situation. 'This undoubtedly is related to the economic situation of the region, with high unemployment and lower wages, "said Mejstrik. The business activities borrows primarily in the Karlovy Vary region a large number of people, almost 35%. To ensure the holidays or hobbies will use to finance the loan, only a minority of people.

Interesting results have also shown the popularity of certain credit products. In the Hradec Kralove region would people in emergencies often borrowed from family (88.2%). Prefer a bank loan usually in the Liberec region - would have voted it here almost 63%, a credit card is popular in the Region (26%) in the Region are well employee leadsloan, after which there had reached 19% of respondents. For help non-bank branded companies would say most consumers in the Region (12%) and in Prague (almost 12%).


The Navigator safe lending

Map and describe the Czech market in consumer loans, to assess the quality of providers to offer the public a tool through which the financial institution can easily compare, and helping to improve the level of financialliteracy - are the main objectives of the project navigator secure the loan.

Navigator safe loan aims to help those interested in a loan, by directing them to secure lenders.   Another objective is to highlight the most dangerous - rather than their names and the names, however, wants to show their practices because such entities are the thousands of us, and all the name is not in principle possible.

"We want to bring the jungle consumer lending instrument that allows people to quickly and easily find out where you really nepůjčovat and, conversely helps them make sense of the trusted institutions. Candidates need to understand the loan ranking was compiled on the basis of the most important criteria that should examine themselves, "says project supervisor, Professor Michal Mejstrik. He adds that this activity builds on the recommendations of the National Economic Council of the Government to deal with debt Czechs of improving financial literacy.

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