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The government cut off debate on the National Energy Policy, which envisages support core

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Negotiations Update National Energy Policy (NEP), which determines the direction of the Czech energy sector in the coming decades, in the middle of the cabinet of Prime Minister Petr Necas (ODS) interrupted. The concept of the future plans to increase the proportion of kernels for domestic electricity production from the current 33 to 50 to 60 percent.

SEC allows for annual share of electricity production from domestic resources to the electricity consumption in the Czech Republic for at least 80 percent. In addition to this core would generate electricity to be involved especially renewable and secondary sources (18 to 25 percent increase from the current less than ten percent), brown and black coal (down from the current 60 to 15 to 25 percent) and natural gas (the proportion of five to 15 percent).

MPO plan is to strengthen the core role in energy production and maximum utilization of waste heat from nuclear power plants. SEC therefore envisages the construction of two new units at Temelin NPP, as well as to extend the operation of the current four blocks and construction of a new, fifth block in Dukovany. "It is also necessary territorial demarcation of sites for possible further development of the IS after 2040," the SEC.

The heat should be according to the documents of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT), produced from domestic sources at least 70 percent. Its production was to participate in particular core, coal, renewable sources and secondary sources, including waste.

In recent years, according to the SEC showed negative unfair subsidies for renewable energy sources (RES) in the Czech Republic and other European countries, and their governments have gradually resolves the situation."In the event of replacing oil with biofuels we must carefully monitor the efficiency of the whole cycle of production," says the ministry.

The aim of the MIT in the energy sector is also secure in the future sufficient number of graduates specializing in energy fields. Those should be in the years 2010 to 2016 at least 18,000. In the area of ??apprenticeships in the energy and engineering fields SEC wants to reach at least 1,000 graduates annually. The concept also allows for the provision of an increase in funding for research and development in the fields of energy and engineering to double the current values ??by 2015.

"In the future it is also necessary to reduce dependence on oil in transport, or to fuels produced from oil and increase the representation of alternative fuels.It is necessary to build sufficient infrastructure to vehicles powered by alternative fuels, ie natural gas and electricity, which is achieved by reducing the impact of transport on the environment, "the SEC.

Given the strategic importance of the energy sector planning to leave MIT ČEPS remain the exclusive property of the state, and thus maintain a dominant influence in the state of CEZ.

MIT estimates that the gross final consumption of energy sources will be in the period to 2040, virtually flat, with a slight increase after exhausting most easily achievable potential savings. Against significant decrease in heat consumption (relative savings of over 25 percent) goes to SEC slight increase in demand for thermal comfort, the number of heated buildings, growth in final energy consumption (household and business sector) and a slight increase in energy consumption in transport (volume growth of transport demand willoffset the savings achieved by conversion efficiencies).

Authors SEC grabbed by Jaroslav Ungerman of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (CMKOS) after a proven method to avoid extensive discussion about his intentions. "He said as little additional data, which could further justify their intentions. Argumentation so this version substantially lags behind its predecessor. Therefore hardly possible on this release, Energy Policy concluded that surpasses it as a whole," said Ungerman.

Environmental organizations have organized against plans Kubovým morning demonstration in front of the Government Office. According to their statements in SEC proposals mean return deep into the last century. Ignore the potential for energy savings, discourage the development of renewable resources and conserve energy dependence on coal, oil, and core. Do not ensure long-term competitiveness and sustainability of domestic energy."I disagree with the government today to present the concept of energy and raw materials that come from the past or the nineteenth century," the agency said in place Mediafax Green Party chairman Ondrej Liska, that concept seems as if he wrote it management of nuclear and coal power plants. Protesters also said that the government should suspend negotiations until the material will have a study of environmental impacts.

State Energy Policy is a strategic document expressing the state targets in the energy sector in line with the needs of economic and social development, including environmental protection, as well as serving for the development of regional energy policies. SEC defines the strategic priorities of the Czech energy sector with a view of about 30 years.

Jan Soukup, Jan Drahorád,

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