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Interview: I would recommend clients to take out life insurance as soon as possible

European Commission Decision of 21 December 2012 will not be possible to distinguish insurance rates by gender, in the future, then, should men and women pay for comparable insurance contracts comparable premiums. What will this decision mean for women as well as insurance itself in practice? The fact we talked with Ing. Libor Mank, Deputy General Director of Czech Insurance Savings Bank.

Libor Mánek graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the Czech Technical University. Career in insurance began in Živnostenská insurance company branch in the Czech Budejovice. He then worked in the Czech Building Savings Bank savings bank sector as director of sales. Insurance companies in Czech Savings Bank joined in 2005, he held the position of Director for here external networks, in April 2010 he was appointed Deputy CEO. At the beginning of 2012 he became a member of the Board of Directors.  

Libor is married and has three children. In his spare time he devotes most like golf, sailing and skiing.

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At the beginning, you may tell which products are actually the decision of the European Commission about?
A European Commission decision will apply to all insurance, where insurers currently distinguish rate or final claims by gender insured. The differentiation always occurs in relation to the actual behavior and progressions of these risks, it says exactly the probability for a given insured. It is, for example, the insurance in case of death, disability, a serious illness, retirement insurance payout annuities or pensions.

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What existing contracts, which occurs after December 21, 2012 for a change, for example in the insured amount, they will have a decision to unify those paid any effect?
Changes may occur when the insured decides to intervene in any way to have agreed insurance, or to decide on their inclusion in the new contract. On these risks must then be recalculated rates under the new rules.

Why do insurance companies for insurance distinguish gender?
Mainly because of the real behavior, the evolution of life and health status in both sexes. Long-term statistics show some distinct differences in insurance risks with regard for gender insured. Women are living longer, and thus pay lower premiums than men. That men statistically die earlier, are more at risk for the insurance company, and therefore pay more expensive insurance.

Are there any specific statistics demonstrating these differences?
Definitely. The data are regularly monitored by statistical offices and, of course, individual insurers have this data available.


The European Commission in its decision only required to determine uniform premium rates which were not the way this will be achieved. Which options are offered?
The simplest way would seem to be a change in setting rates on the "expensive", ie. in most cases the male. This radical intervention would ultimately could both pohlavíznevýhodnit much stronger. Therefore likely to be most insurers calculate universal setting and use it in their experience with the behavior of both sexes in the various types of insurance.


FLEXI Insurance offered by Insurance Czech Savings Bank, on the Czech market is very popular. Not only our readers, but also your competitors will therefore certainly be interested in which of these possibilities unification premium payments you choose and why?
We will use the second way out, we consider it as fair.

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They're going to the insurance industry, in addition to the planned unification of insurance premiums for men and women, as well as other changes?
Insurance companies are in the following period must also deal with extensive legislative changes. There will be a new Law on Insurance, which provides a legal framework for Solvency II, a method based on risk management. Amends the Act on Insurance Intermediaries and Independent Loss. Will be issued a new civil code and card shuffles and tax, pension and health care reform.

What would you recommend to women who currently do not have any life insurance, or women who have life insurance, but are not sure what the settings?
Women have the last few months to update existing and opening new contract. I would definitely recommend clients take out life insurance as soon as possible.

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What would you contrast with the planned changes recommended to men who do not yet have contracted life insurance or you are also not sure about proper configuration of their current insurance?
Insurance is there mainly to protect the client when not able to provide the current standard of living. It is pointless to negotiate with its delay and calculate at a cheaper price in the fourth quarter of this year. If clients negotiate life insurance today, they could no come. In the future, you may terminate the contract at any time to update.

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