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The government will be the end of Prohibition and the state budget for next year

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Nečasův cabinet waiting in the middle of negotiations on the parameters of the state budget for 2013, which envisages a deficit of 100 billion crowns. The government has also decide on how to return the liquor counters Czech shops and restaurants, the modification was announced Health Minister Leos Heger (TOP 09).

Most words skloňovanými Wednesday's ministerial meeting will presumably money and alcohol. Team members Petr Necas (ODS) agree that the Czechs have again given the opportunity to buy drinks containing 20 percent ethanol from above. For one thing, in order to collect the planned cabinet roughly seven billion crowns a year for excise tax.

The Minister of Health has signaled that he wants to release into the grid with hard alcohol bottles, which will be fitted with new stamps.You no longer prints from a weekend State Printing Works of Securities and liquor to them until Tuesday ordered 28 million units. Bottles by Heger to appear back in the stone stores and on newsstands. But there is uncertainty around pouring spirits with at least 20 percent alcohol in restaurants and bars.

The government must also build problem with about 21 million liters of alcohol have been withdrawn from circulation during Prohibition. Ministers want to unblock their way to consumers only on the condition that their origin is clear. Police had still not find the roughly 15,000 liters of adulterated alcohol is deadly methanol.

Agriculture Minister Petr Bendl (ODS) coordinate, in cooperation with the European Union at the same time mitigating measure Czech banned the export of its alcohol anywhere in the world.Biggest market for Czech spirits, however, neighboring Slovakia, which for hard alcoholic drinks from the Czech Republic has imposed its own ban. It is up to him, when and how to withdraw it. Similarly progressed and neighboring Poland.

Equally important issue for the government is a law on the state budget for next year. Cabinet has it on the third time, but this time it was last time. By Sunday, the ministers had draft state spending and revenue sent to the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Finance should have a budget deficit of 100 billion so that the public deficit just under three percent of GDP. Budget revenues are proposed to be 1.084 trillion crowns spending 1.184 trillion. While income and remain at this level, costs have five billion drop.

Mandatory spending should increase next year by 4.3 billion to 695.1 billion, non-mandatory spending would be contrary to decline by 9.3 billion crowns. In subsequent years, the ministry wants to reduce the deficit in 2014 is expected to decline to 2.5 percent of GDP, and a year later to 1.6 percent.

To sustain the proposed deficit for next year, however, is passing legislation such as increases both the VAT rate by one percentage point to 15 or 21 percent, and introduces seven percent "solidarity" tax on people with incomes of more than 100,000 crowns a month, and other changes. The proposal has been rejected by the Senate did not approve of deputies. The government was thus sent to the House again, this time he teamed up with the vote of confidence Nečas Cabinet. The agreement with the tax package, but the ODS must first "rally" of its six rebellious lawmakers.

Consolidation measures include for example slowdown indexation of pensions to inflation-third and one-third increase in real wages. The condition for the reality of the budget is also able to draw money from public enterprises, the Ministry of Finance is planning for 2013 to convert four billion crowns from the Forests of the Czech Republic to the state budget.

The resort Miroslav Kalousek is convinced that the proposed measures will save 25.6 billion crowns, on the revenue side wants to get 32.4 billion crowns. Without these steps, the budget deficit climbed up to 158 billion crowns.

The ministers will also address the budgets of state funds. Ministry of Transport, urges the Government at their meeting yesterday approved the budget of the State Transport Infrastructure Fund, with spending up by 1.5 billion lower. The fund would be the case with the consent of the Cabinet in 2013 to take advantage of 64.5 billion crowns.

Another discussion point will be spending the State Housing Development Fund, which should climb in 2013 to 2.58 billion. But if the fund does not get permission to cross their specified budget limits, the risk is that it will not be able to meet its obligations from previous years.

Cabinet on Wednesday discuss the amendment of laws of municipalities, regions and the capital city of Prague. The Ministry of the Interior in the out new responsibilities such as the transfer of property and greater public control over the work of representatives and councilors.

Municipalities have for the future such as selling its assets primarily by public auction or public competitions for the best offer. Another way to monetize a territorial self-governing units to justify.

A novelty to be the action, which will be able to disgruntled councilors seek compensation for damage caused to municipal property. The condition is that the first drafting a petition, under which at least a third of the council signs.

Another important change is the compulsory disclosure by promoters of certain contracts. The amendment to the municipality, county and the City of force to disclose the contract within 15 days of closing on the internet. The Act also provides for the fact that the contract does not appear at all on the internet. In this case, after three months expires. Obligation should apply to documents such as those that make a municipality or county to dispose of his property.

The government has to discuss and regulation that will have a carrier in the Czech Republic is entitled to a rebate of 13procentní toll.Ministers can nod to the proposal that the Ministry of Agriculture will be able this year to divide farmers 500 million in national grants such as hops, livestock or agricultural land.

Jan Kálal,

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