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Protect yourself against pirates roads "super airbag"

Just about summer holidays died on Czech roads 140 people every year die on Europe's roads even 40,000 people. Almost constantly then hear from the media about a pirate roads, whose reckless driving caused the accident and the location simply missed. The risks associated with traveling by car, but you can significantly reduce with the new auto insurance from the company UNIQA.

Just avoid the worst case scenario accident (death) is indeed the main objective of the new UNIQA insurance Safeline.

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How did this prevents insurance tragic consequences of traffic accidents?

 Protection through active assistance to the UNIQA insurance Safeline has the form of Crash Sensor (Sensor binge), which after a traffic accident automatically activates and summons you through assistance headquartered help. With this insurance has therefore not dependent on the assistance of passing drivers, or on themselves in the event that you become an accident on a deserted road (hitting a tree at night on the abandoned road, collisions with animals).

This does not mean that you drove an ambulance for each "tap" in the parking lot. Crash Sensor is activated in the event of serious vehicle collision (one for which the probability of injury).Information about the accident is sent to the control center, which is with you and try to connect to the phone after dispatching unable to contact you, is the scene of the accident (as determined by the coordinate system sent) sent help.

Best advice = quick help

  A huge added value of this insurance is the guarantee of rapid response. It is precisely the time that in the event of an accident decides. According to statistics, rescuers can be due to this measure to reduce the number of deaths caused by road accidents by 5%.And that is just for the period mentioned in the introduction this summer to seven lives ...

Try to think about this issue again when you pass on your way places "adorned" memorials to commemorate the victims of traffic accidents. The significance of this insurance in your particular case, it grows in your area if you have a site with an increased risk of traffic accidents often traveling or yourself, or with your children.

Another advantage of UNIQA insurance Safe Line is that the insurance company will arrange for this insurance offer a discount up to 25% on mandatory insurance and accident insurance. In total, therefore, very important you protect your life and your loved for a really reasonable price.

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Chraňte se proti pirátům silnic „super airbagem“

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