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FOCUS: Presidents have the strongest mandate in Russia and France

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - People in Europe elects the President directly in two dozen countries, and indirectly in 12 countries. The greatest powers in Europe have a head of state of France and Russia.

The Russian president is directly elected for six years and may hold office two terms. After a pause may run again. In the hands of the Russian president has all the power, controls foreign policy and is the supreme commander of the armed forces, proposes Parliament Prime Minister appoints the cabinet and the governors of areas. Recommends the appointment or dismissal of the President of the Central Bank and the appointment of constitutional and supreme judges and the Attorney General. In those cases, the Constitution can dissolve parliament.

The French head of state is elected for five years and may be re-elected. The president is constitutionally nesesaditelný. Also, he has extensive powers. Appoints the Prime Minister and on his recommendation the other members of the government.Can dissolve the National Assembly and announces referendum on economic and social issues and international agreements. It is the supreme commander of the armed forces and chairs the Board of defense.

Presidents in other European countries, who are elected directly, so you do not have extensive powers.

Poles elect a president for five years and may be re-elected only once. The president proposes to Parliament a candidate for prime minister, appoints the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Supreme Audit Office, Chief of Army Staff and top military commanders. He has the right to declare war or a state of emergency and in these cases it may dissolve Parliament. It is the supreme commander of the armed forces.

In Austria, the president elected by direct vote for six years and may be elected more than twice. Its function is more representative. Federal Chancellor may appoint and dismiss the government, but this power no president has not used yet. On the recommendation of the chancellor appoints the members of the government. It is the supreme commander of the army. May be removed in a referendum.

The Slovak people elect a president for five years. Can the Constitution in this case, dissolve the parliament, negotiates and ratifies international agreements. Announces referendum, appoint judges and the proposal for Prime Minister is appointed and dismissed by the government. It is the supreme commander of the armed forces. The amnesty shall certify prime minister or the competent minister. The President may be dismissed by the court or the constitutional referendum.

In the Czech Republic is still president elected both chambers of Parliament, the term is five years. The next year he was first chosen people in a direct election. Czech president has limited powers. Negotiates and ratifies international treaties, receives, appoints and recalls heads of diplomatic missions, confers state medals and awards, call elections to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

May participate in meetings of both chambers of parliament and government meeting to ask the Cabinet and its members. It is also the supreme commander of the armed forces. Appoint and promote generals, appoints the judges of the Constitutional Court, the President and Vice-President, appoint judges, appointed by the President and Vice-President of the Supreme Audit Office and members of the Bank Board of the Czech National Bank.He has the right to grant amnesty, pardon and mitigate penalties imposed by the court and ordered that criminal proceedings not be initiated or has been terminated.

Czech president appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister and other members of the government accepts their resignation, recall the government and accept its demise. Signs laws, Parliament can return them with the exception of constitutional law.

The constitution prescribed situations convene meetings of the Chamber of Deputies and dissolve the Chamber of Deputies.

Jan Kálal, Jitka Zadražilová,

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FOCUS: Prezidenti mají nejsilnější mandát v Rusku a Francii

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