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Entrepreneurs know how to effectively manage the consultation?

Already month you can on our server in the section Business Center for Entrepreneurs find answers to questions from our clients from entrepreneurs / companies on strategy management, human resources, cash flow, sales and marketing.

In the series "Counselling for entrepreneurs", which we have prepared for you, you will submit answers to the questions that we asked Ing. George Bc Jemelka, marketing specialist, an expert on the growth and development of firms, the founder of the company for ICU Ltd.


What would you recommend how best to proceed entrepreneur or director of the company, if he fails to make effective and productive meetings, which should make sense, did not last too long and were constructive. It often happens that the participants in the meetings tangled in addressing things that should be dealt with elsewhere, often with colleagues disagree on some issues, where the goal is not constructive measures for the company, but promote their own opinion, often at any cost.

Answer given by Mr George Jemelka, an expert on the growth and development of companies:

Meetings are the "big issue" for most companies, and for one simple reason. Many somehow subconsciously feel that meetings can be a great blessing, if they are effective, relevant, time-"just right". Taking into account that already T.Bati openly speaks about the necessity of regular meetings, especially those everyday, operational, approx. 5-minute, then we have to openly admit - meetings are a must! But how to have a benefit for all? There are several principles that should be respected in the meetings. If we observe anything, then it is necessary to discipline. A discipline expected of a "guarantor", which will set an example, it will itself require respect and discipline. It's not a question of dictatorship, but order. Often they do not see the meetings of chiefs in priority, and so arbitrarily move the beginning of meetings, translate them to other dates or completely abolished.Among other things, letting people know two things: meetings are not really that important, and my time as a slave boss ever weigh. Neither the communication line is not good for a productive atmosphere in the company. So the foundation is: clear and hard place, time for holding regular meetings (from when to when).

Let's take a look at the other principles:

First program is meeting at least two days prior to the sent to all participants

Second each member of the meeting has approx. 5 minutes to present results / plans of the previous and the next week

Third operational matters that concern only two members of meetings, are not being addressed at the meeting

4th participation mandatory :-)

5th clarity, brevity, objectivity

6th required if any thing deeper discussion (brainstorming), so arrange to meet separately (not on a monthly meeting to address one thing in 30 minutes)

7th from the meeting makes assistant "Minutes of meeting" excel table and writes all tasks from meetings - what, who, by when, viz.ukázka ... and the attached file "Tasks of meetings"

An example of the tasks to Excel ...


Specific program meetings may be as follows:

First every worker for himself presents its monthly results (last month)

Second every worker for himself presents plan / priorities for the next month

Third management presents the results of the company for the past month

4th to discuss operational matters, control the tasks of the previous meeting

5th suggestions for improvement

6th tasking, WHO, WHAT will be responsible, DO WHEN

7th Mark reward the best in terms of results, compliments, birthday wishes ... (Incentives, incredible as it helps build loyalty in people and the feeling of importance)

I've seen companies where meetings lasted 6 hours, after the introduction of specific measures, principles, rules, etc. The advice "shrunk" to a mere 2 hours productively spent. Not to mention the savings in labor costs, because 10 people instead of 6 hours they dedicated to meeting just 2 hours with 40 saves hours of time. Multiply this time the average wage cost (middle and senior management) 1.000 CZK / hour. and we are at 40.000, - CZK (per month). In a year it's almost half a million. Brief number and clear view of the case show that the inefficiency in this case is very expensive.One final important note. Each program must have a clearly designated moderator who manages and directs the flow and "drop" the meeting. In this sense, I really worked (and like) a connection that I use like during any meeting: "Let's move on."

Answers to questions from our clients can be found in the section "Advice for businesses" .

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