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Evaluation of the first week of competition BOSSA

We already have the first week of the first round of competition, a unique Boss in which for the first time in the history of the Czech Republic, traded on the financial markets for real!

Czechs again he did not deny his competitive spirit and competition showed an unexpected interest. So far made 26,801 transactions. So it seems that the company BOSSA hit the nail on the head when he came up with the idea of ??competition in the real world with real money. And now let the right one shows trader!

Trading in financial markets caught both sexes. The women in the total number accounts for 15 percent. The remaining 85% were men then.

Investors have made the largest number of transactions on the 9 following investment instruments:

9 of these instruments in the total number of transactions accounted for 65 percent. As you can see from the chart, the competitors was the most popular instrument currency pair EUR / USD, followed by gold and oil. Czechs but also traded the Czech crown and the couple with the euro and the dollar.

The total number of transactions in all investment instruments were as follows share.

From the investor's point of view is clearly an interesting development of the currency pair USD / CZK. The Monday to Friday strengthened by more than 2.78 percent.

Currency pair USD / CZK commenced trading week on Sunday at 23:00 at 19,519 on Friday afternoon attacked the border 19.00. So it appears that investors in general do not respect the CNB's monetary policy intentions.The end of September slashed interest rates to historic lows, and 0.25 percent. Now we wait to see if CNB pulls another ace from his sleeve. In the event that her current monetary developments do not like, we expect to initiate interventions in the foreign exchange market.

The most profitable trade

Profitable business this week, the transaction on oil. The trader bought 0.5 lots of oil, and the third 10th 2012 at 20:39 for 88.09 USD and sold it the next day in 21:20 for 91.54 USD, bringing the total for one day earn 33 000 CZK.

Nejztrátovější trade

On the other hand nejztrátovější trade took place on the currency pair EUR / USD. Contestants on Thursday morning, two lots sold and bought euro dollar. Thus assumed weakening of the euro and the dollar strengthening.What was the impetus opening of his position, we do not know. From an analytical point of view, can only say that on Thursday expected the European Central Bank. At 13:45 were announced interest rates. They remained unchanged at 0.75 percent. This result was expected and surprise. At 14:30 then spoke ECB President Mario Draghi, who poured markets upbeat mood when he again confirmed that the ECB is ready to buy bonds.

If the competitor position immediately after the show closed Draghi, they would lose about 20 000 CZK less. It is therefore important messages to monitor and adjust stop-loss order to prevent possible catastrophic loss if we do not currently immediate access to the platform.

Each learn best on their own errors. It is therefore important to record your mistakes and learn from them. Boss holds seminars and personal consultations, which you can with the assistance of our experts and experienced traders improve their trading skills.

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