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Alibisti Buraja sand-castle expectations

This week it bears a traditional post non farm payrolls spirit, well after the publication of macroeconomic minimum minulotýždňových sample data of key U.S. labor market. Therefore, again dominated politics and it's not by any means, equals th highest. The eurozone is again organized a meeting of eurozone finance ministers, in order to spy out again on what did in the endless farce entitled solving debt-crisis in the eurozone. The answer is (again) that dokopy nothing.

Current appointment should have been running a gala adorned with ESM. Teda next Bazooka, which connects much like the EFSF can only happen over time flusátko to tickle markets. Reasons are just two current capacity is not € 500 billion, but have yet to € 200 billion A great speech about napákovaní through first loss insurance (eg, the first 25% haircut jointly borne by the euro area) remained flax RecA. So the capacity expansion is still in nedohľadne and it's one of the reasons why Germany inconsistently claims that Spain does not need help. And yet it is concerned not apply. ESM month has the highest rating of AAA (so far from Fitch and Moody's) but from Moodys has equal and negative view. This is the weapon that he has to restrain bond yields? Behold the Eurogroup itself even now says that the ESM in this form is inadequate . At the same flax was listed yesterday. Laughable, or to cry?

Of course ESM was not the only topic salónnych debate in Luxembourg.After temporarily zastabilizovala how the situation in Spain, Greece again ruled Mediate. That strategy is a solution to the problem clear and all parties have AGREED on it. Key is to inform as to why we can not do anything. Well, as we wait for someone another. ECB and Germany say that waiting for a report Troika. The Greek troika awaiting budget. Greeks await further concessions area, and said that by the Ecofin (which is today) was in agreement. The response of the eurozone? It's not confirmed yet, but if they should be a strategy observed, so little time expenditures to Greece in order to qualify . And it is resolved we will inform you that they are waiting for Greece. Handy problems also lead stance, wait.

Today will sit ECOFINand if it will bear in mind doterajšom and change in market sentiment can not be expected. And it is rather bleak, nevertheless there were at least some expectation of new information or decisions. This was the expectation built on the water, but the market is already so. Vie nice build castles, but they are often out of the sand. A quick padaj. Good illustrations of the stock market. While the S & P500, we can talk about how an increasingly (although the new peak was denied so far), the German benchmark DAX30 have tipped it begins, like to see the graph. 2-month growth trend today will almost certainly disturbed and we're a short walk away from it, so we shut the last day. And that would have meant a possible correction to the downside. It would have the time. Reality knock at the door, did not fulfill the expectations, castles (and the market) to have a very lopsided.

The stock markets of course are not just about politics, but German industry faces serious challenges , as already shown recent industrial orders. We sincerely Wondering when to debate salónnych also breaks a bit of reality and politicians will again be under pressure. Nothing other than the market is under pressure from their reach.

The market is an interesting motion Brent crude, which is trying to get up because of shootouts between Turkey and Syria, and Saudi Arabia, despite intervenciám. yet it's a draw, We're curious to see further developments. Is there is significant pipeline with a capacity of 1.6 million barrels of oil a day.

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